Challenge Start Date: 13 Jun 12 yella96's Start Weight: 140.0 lb
Challenge Duration: 4 weeks yella96's Last Weight: 138.0 lb (19 Jun 12)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 11 Jul 12

  Week 4

No result recorded
Period ended: 04 Jul 12

  Week 3

No result recorded
Period ended: 27 Jun 12

  Week 2

No result recorded
Period ended: 20 Jun 12

  Week 1

Mini Challenge - Eat a low calorie diet, work out, drink lots of water and treat yourself! - Successful
Journal Entry - 19 Jun 12
"Don't know what happened. Wasn't over calorie goal, drank plenty of water, & got my exercise... but I gained. I drank alot ..."
Journal Entry - 18 Jun 12
"Finally got my calories below 1500. Now just need to stay there and continue doing well with water and exercise!"
Journal Entry - 17 Jun 12
"On days I work at home I am going to do exercises during my downtime. I got 20min of exercise while working today. Every ..."
Journal Entry - 16 Jun 12
"Need to watch calories a little more closely and then I will be 100% with following the challenge! "
Journal Entry - 14 Jun 12
"Need to keep up on water intake and find some extra motivation to work out!"
Weigh-in: 138.0 lb This Week:  1.43 %  (Down 2.0 lb) Total Progress:  1.43 %  (Down 2.0 lb)

  Start Weight

Weigh-in: 140.0 lb


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