Challenge Start Date: 23 Jul 12 Bruzko's Start Weight: 173.0 lb
Challenge Duration: 4 weeks Bruzko's Last Weight: 172.6 lb (25 Jul 12)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 20 Aug 12

  Week 4

No result recorded
Period ended: 13 Aug 12

  Week 3

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Period ended: 06 Aug 12

  Week 2

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Period ended: 30 Jul 12

  Week 1

Mini Challenge - go on a brisk walk - Successful
"I have been drinking about double the amount of water you are supposed to and I take my pups for at least one to two 20 minute brisk walks each day! I also am not drinking anything but water, hot tea, and the occassional grown up bubbly! "
Journal Entry - 29 Jul 12
"Ive been holding steady at the same weight but I feel like im getting discouraged because I like to see results from the ..."
Journal Entry - 26 Jul 12
"Yesterday and today have been off kind of days. Vertigo decided to spin my world around so to speak so my exercise level ..."
Journal Entry - 24 Jul 12
"Did great all day yesterday.....then last night went out and misbehaved with my love but I have to say it was well worth ..."
Weigh-in: 172.6 lb This Week:  0.23 %  (Down 0.4 lb) Total Progress:  0.23 %  (Down 0.4 lb)

  Start Weight

Weigh-in: 173.0 lb

Bruzko's 300 Crunches for 30 days Wall
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Thought I would get a head start and see how hard this challenge was going to be. Honestly, it's not bad at all!!! I already completed my first 300 and it felt GREAT!!! I had joined this challenge once before in the past and failed miserably. I must be motivated this time to step my game up and sex my frame up!  
20 Jul 12 by member: Bruzko


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