Challenge Start Date: 01 Feb 13 sweet122's Start Weight: 164.0 lb
Challenge Duration: 4 weeks sweet122's Last Weight: 163.0 lb (06 Feb 13)
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Mini Challenge - Don't count calories! - Successful
Journal Entry - 06 Feb 13
"My weight loss has been kind of slow showing on the scale. Since Xmas, I seem to have lost about 8lbs. I guess that is p ..."
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Weigh-in: 164.0 lb

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I eat so much fruit and veggies now. My hair is growing strong and fast with natural shine. I find that if I eat raw till the afternoon, I can afford to have an ill combined meal (like starches and meat) around dinner time. I have all night to digest it. Eating properly combined food groups is helping with quick elimination of waste products. A this time, I feel all my excess weight is years of built up waste products stuck in my body as fat. My body does not loose precious energy on trying to digest ill combined meals. Instead, it now spends its time cleaning up and healing. Drinking my homemade fruit and veggie smoothies throughout the morning gives me over and above my daily nutrient quota . 
06 Feb 13 by member: sweet122
I am certain that I am loosing a lot of fat. It just does not show on the scale. I think it's because I am gaining muscle in replacement. If I start working out, I am sure I will see even more results. As it is, my DH has commented on my very apparent body transformation. Yesterday he said that my weight loss is apparent. Today he said that it looks like my body is shrink wrapping itself very nicely. Tomorrow I will do a weigh in for myself. I haven't in the last two weeks because the slow decrease has been uninspiring. I would like to be a size 9 by my birthday. I am at a size 12 right now. I gave in horribly to a cheese burger, fries, chips and a soda today. Wow. I felt so awful. But I had such a craving for meat. I am wondering if its because I am loosing so much blood from my period. Anyway, I regret having the burger. I prolly should have stuck with organic taking the trip out to Bare Burger. Might have to make that visit this week. Right now I need to detox the terrible stuff I ingested this afternoon.  
22 Feb 13 by member: sweet122


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