Challenge Start Date: 16 Nov 12 skwhite's Start Weight: 175.7 lb
Challenge Duration: 4 weeks skwhite's Last Weight: 173.0 lb (07 Dec 12)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 14 Dec 12

  Week 4

Journal Entry - 14 Dec 12
"My heart hurts for the families and people in Conneticut today. I work at a school and I just am sick for them. Children ..."
Journal Entry - 13 Dec 12
"I think I caught my little darlings cold, fabulous. =( On the bright side this should help with my weight loss as I have ..."
Journal Entry - 12 Dec 12
"Let the Christmas parties begin! We headed to one tonight and it was soup and bread buffet, yummy! Then we did a white e ..."
Journal Entry - 10 Dec 12
"We are inspiring people even though we may not realize it. People are watching us and thinking they want to be like us. No ..."
Journal Entry - 09 Dec 12
"I have zero motivation today so I made myself do my workout. A nice little pep talk worked and I'm glad I did it. On a p ..."
Journal Entry - 08 Dec 12
"I am so tired today. I just can't get into the mode. I did exercise but not my whole usual routine. I have been sneezing ..."
Period ended: 07 Dec 12

  Week 3

Mini Challenge - burn fat with this interval training fitness system, combining strength, cardio, and abs workouts - Successful
Mini Challenge - complete level 2 - Successful
Journal Entry - 07 Dec 12
"I've been changing up my diet and trying to eat more protein. I'm pleased with the results that I got by doing that. Oh and ..."
Journal Entry - 05 Dec 12
"Do you ever feel like you've sabotaged yourself only to look at your calories out and in and realize you didn't? Ha that's ..."
Journal Entry - 04 Dec 12
"I am trying to get into the winter routine around here. You see in the late spring, summer and most of fall hubby comes home ..."
Journal Entry - 03 Dec 12
"Okay so I am starting to see a trend for me that when I break from eating my regular routine due to eating out or not being ..."
Journal Entry - 02 Dec 12
"Yesterday I spent the day at a nutrition and physical education forum for preschoolers in Sacramento. I got lot's of great ..."
Weigh-in: 173.0 lb This Week:  0.92 %  (Down 1.6 lb) Total Progress:  1.54 %  (Down 2.7 lb)
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