AmyCoulon's Performance Challenge: Mind over Matter

Challenge Start Date: 05 May 10 AmyCoulon's Start Weight: 162.4 lb
Challenge Duration: 12 weeks AmyCoulon's Last Weight: 157.6 lb (28 May 10)
Current Period: Challenge Completed Team: Caution - Be Alert!
Period ended: 28 Jul 10

  Week 12

No result recorded
Period ended: 21 Jul 10

  Week 11

No result recorded
Period ended: 14 Jul 10

  Week 10

No result recorded
Period ended: 07 Jul 10

  Week 9

No result recorded
Period ended: 30 Jun 10

  Week 8

No result recorded
Period ended: 23 Jun 10

  Week 7

No result recorded
Period ended: 16 Jun 10

  Week 6

No result recorded
Period ended: 09 Jun 10

  Week 5

No result recorded
Period ended: 02 Jun 10

  Week 4

Mini Challenge - At the first sign of stress or feeling overwhelmed...Walk away - Successful
Mini Challenge - Big Rocks First - Priorities - Successful
Mini Challenge - Food is not the answer - No crutches allowed - Successful
Mini Challenge - Fingers out of your mouth - No nail biting - Successful
"Started to keep hand lotion everywhere. I keep reapplying it. Tastes nasty when my fingers wander up to my mouth, it's a pretty good deterrent."
Mini Challenge - Mind over Matter - Just say no! - Successful
Mini Challenge - Eat more fiber - Fill up! - Successful
Mini Challenge - Drink water - Hydration - Successful
Mini Challenge - Add a little protein - It's a Filler - Successful
Mini Challenge - Ways to reduce stress - other than emotional eating - Successful
Journal Entry - 31 May 10
"Getting ready for a crazy week. We have our house warming party this Sat June 5th, which has now morphed into full blown ..."
Journal Entry - 30 May 10
"Had to work today. Was tired from hanging out late at the neighbors' last night. So I layed around in bed until the last ..."
Journal Entry - 28 May 10
"I was pretty diligent and didn't do any late night munching last night, and lo and behold, the scale had good news for me ..."
Journal Entry - 27 May 10
"So I had a triumphant moment this evening. A few days ago, my mom had watched my kids and gotten them some M and Ms. It ..."
Weigh-in: 157.6 lb This Week:  0.88 %  (Down 1.4 lb) Total Progress:  2.96 %  (Down 4.8 lb)
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