Challenge Start Date: 02 May 11 ctlss's Start Weight: 187.0 lb
Challenge Duration: 5 weeks ctlss's Last Weight: 185.5 lb (06 Jun 11)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 06 Jun 11

  Week 5

Mini Challenge - Walk 50 Miles in May - Successful
Mini Challenge - Stretch After Your Walk - Successful
Mini Challenge - Add some Intensity! - Successful
Mini Challenge - I Met My Goal! - Successful
Journal Entry - 06 Jun 11
"Down another 3/4 pounds....I'll take it!!! Lowest recorded weight in 18 months (actually years, but I am only counting since ..."
Journal Entry - 05 Jun 11
"SUNDAY.... and I didn't go to church today. Woke up not feeling well, dizzy and very nauseous, so called pastor Mark's ..."
Journal Entry - 03 Jun 11
"IT IS HOT!!!!! Well we went from chilly and cloudy last week to hot and sunny this week....the temps are in the mid to ..."
Journal Entry - 02 Jun 11
"WHEW!! Spent the day (afternoon) doing chores. Got the saplings cut down and the trunk killer put on, weeded one of the ..."
Journal Entry - 01 Jun 11
"AHHHH, SUNNY, SUMMER WEDNESDAY!!! The weather has turned hot, and it is a beautiful, sunny day here in Missouri. The temp ..."
Weigh-in: 185.5 lb This Week:  0.40 %  (Down 0.8 lb) Total Progress:  0.80 %  (Down 1.5 lb)
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