joelae's Performance Challenge: 10% weight loss

Challenge Start Date: 27 Aug 12 joelae's Start Weight: 200.4 lb
Challenge Duration: 12 weeks joelae's Last Weight: 197.8 lb (14 Nov 12)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 19 Nov 12

  Week 12

Journal Entry - 15 Nov 12
"good morning friends! may day started well and i felt great. i was totally in my food plan until dinner time....i wanted ..."
Journal Entry - 14 Nov 12
"morning all yesterday i did the 6th workout of the insanity programm and it went...okay. not good, but at least i gave my ..."
Journal Entry - 13 Nov 12
"hello and good morning i haven't done my weigh in here on fatsecret today, because i'm frutstrated. since a week i'm lo ..."
Weigh-in: 197.8 lb This Week:  0.88 %  (Down 1.8 lb) Total Progress:  1.32 %  (Down 2.6 lb)
Period ended: 12 Nov 12

  Week 11

Journal Entry - 12 Nov 12
"morning all i had a bad weekend. all my good intentions were nowhere to be seen. i ate too much, and too bad stuff. i have ..."
Journal Entry - 09 Nov 12
"good morning fatsecret! yesterday was day 3 of my insanity workout. it went better than i thought. i still have some tr ..."
Journal Entry - 08 Nov 12
"hello and good morning so, i have a terrible pain in my left shoulder and muscle ache in my thighs. this is because of the ..."
Journal Entry - 07 Nov 12
"THANK YOU AMERICA FOR RE-ELECTING OBAMA!!! good morning everyone! i'm glad who the elections went. :) yesterday i became ..."
Journal Entry - 06 Nov 12
"hello and good morning! today is election day in the US and i really really hope that barack obama is going to win! his ..."
Weigh-in: 199.5 lb This Week:  0.67 %  (Up 1.3 lb) Total Progress:  0.44 %  (Down 0.9 lb)
Period ended: 05 Nov 12

  Week 10

Journal Entry - 05 Nov 12
"hello and good monday morning everyone it is monday....and i feel pretty motivated for restarting my diet. maybe tomorrow ..."
Journal Entry - 02 Nov 12
"hello and good morning so, last night i wanted to make myself a chilling evening on the sofa with a good movie and my cat ..."
Journal Entry - 01 Nov 12
"hello and good morning today is All Saint's Day here but i have to work because the canton i work in isn't catholic so... ..."
Journal Entry - 31 Oct 12
"HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! good morning my friends, i hope you are all well and have a good time? for all those who live on the ..."
Journal Entry - 30 Oct 12
"hello from cold switzerland! i just came back yesterday and here in swiss it is absolutely cold! we got our first snow this ..."
Weigh-in: 198.2 lb This Week:  0.80 %  (Up 1.5 lb)* Total Progress:  1.10 %  (Down 2.2 lb)
Period ended: 29 Oct 12

  Week 9

Journal Entry - 26 Oct 12
"Hello from florida! I'm sorry you haven't heard from me recently but i was quite busy and right now i enjoy my holidays ..."
Period ended: 22 Oct 12

  Week 8

No result recorded
Period ended: 15 Oct 12

  Week 7

Journal Entry - 12 Oct 12
"morning just a short journal today. i'm in my exams (starting in an hour) and i'm a bit nervous. so maybe the last few ..."
Journal Entry - 09 Oct 12
"hello and good morning. first thing: i'm sorry for not being here recently! last week was totally busy and i had a lot work ..."
Weigh-in: 193.6 lb This Week:  1.35 %  (Down 2.6 lb) Total Progress:  3.41 %  (Down 6.8 lb)
Period ended: 08 Oct 12

  Week 6

Weigh-in: 196.2 lb This Week:  0.11 %  (Up 0.2 lb) Total Progress:  2.09 %  (Down 4.2 lb)
Period ended: 01 Oct 12

  Week 5

Journal Entry - 01 Oct 12
"good morning! steady weight again, so surprisingly absolutely no gain over weekend! this is a good sign, isn't it? :) ..."
Journal Entry - 28 Sep 12
"good morning all! today is my birthday and i feel pretty good. okay, i have steady weight but to be honest: i haven't done ..."
Journal Entry - 27 Sep 12
"good morning steady weight today, but i do not record it here on FS. i will record as soon as something changes in my w ..."
Journal Entry - 26 Sep 12
"morning all steady weight again today. but it is okay with me. i was at the movies last night and i had 2 glasses of ch ..."
Journal Entry - 25 Sep 12
"good morning! so, my hair are cut and i feel great. they are pretty short (okay, they were pretty long until yesterday) ..."
Weigh-in: 196.0 lb This Week:  0.00 %  (Steady 0 lb) Total Progress:  2.20 %  (Down 4.4 lb)
Period ended: 24 Sep 12

  Week 4

Journal Entry - 24 Sep 12
"morning friends! oh my, i really forgot to weigh in this morning....i have no idea, why. but it isn't that bad,i don't ..."
Journal Entry - 21 Sep 12
"good morning! the more i sleep, the more tired i am. it is so annoying....i sleep a lot recently (and usually non stop, ..."
Journal Entry - 20 Sep 12
"hello and good morning steady weight again! not that bad when i look to yesterday what i had...for lunch i was out with ..."
Journal Entry - 19 Sep 12
"good morning and happy wednesday! today i have a little drop. but this is almost nothing. but at least it isn't crawling ..."
Journal Entry - 18 Sep 12
"morning! Steady weight again. I want to go back down!! :) it will come down, i just need patience. at least i'm under 90 ..."
Weigh-in: 196.0 lb This Week:  1.11 %  (Down 2.2 lb) Total Progress:  2.20 %  (Down 4.4 lb)
Period ended: 17 Sep 12

  Week 3

Journal Entry - 17 Sep 12
"good monday morning! i gained over weekend but i didn't get back to the 90ies. i know why i gained a lot. i drank pretty ..."
Journal Entry - 14 Sep 12
"good morning all! a lost of 0.2kg is almost loke a steady weight. at least i step away of the 90'ies :) yesterday was a ..."
Journal Entry - 13 Sep 12
"morning! holy moly...i'm happy that i haven't gained and went back to the 80ies!! i had a bad bad bad eating attack yes ..."
Journal Entry - 12 Sep 12
"morning! steady weight least it doesn't go up to the 90ies again. i feel a bit better. slept like a baby last ..."
Journal Entry - 11 Sep 12
"morning! okay, i gained 1kg over weekend. this is not too bad, but it is a gain. but as i told yesterday, i did expect ..."
Weigh-in: 198.2 lb This Week:  1.81 %  (Up 3.5 lb) Total Progress:  1.10 %  (Down 2.2 lb)
Period ended: 10 Sep 12

  Week 2

Journal Entry - 10 Sep 12
"morning! i haven't done a weigh in over weekend and this morning. i don't know why. i just forgot or was afraid of what ..."
Journal Entry - 07 Sep 12
"good morning! i must confess that i am a bit disappointed. i know i shouldn't be, but i really thought that this week will ..."
Journal Entry - 06 Sep 12
"good morning! i hope that all my friends are feeling great and doing good :) i had a good day yesterday. i was at the ..."
Journal Entry - 05 Sep 12
"good morning! another drop, woohoo! :) if it goes that way the next few weeks, i do not have to enlargen my dirndl ;) but ..."
Journal Entry - 04 Sep 12
"good morning! steady weight, but this is a good sign. it is this time of the month where i usually gain a bit (a bit more ..."
Weigh-in: 194.7 lb This Week:  1.01 %  (Down 2.0 lb) Total Progress:  2.86 %  (Down 5.7 lb)
Period ended: 03 Sep 12

  Week 1

Journal Entry - 03 Sep 12
"good morning! monday and i do not have a weigh in with a gain! woohoo! :) i just have to follow the way i did last week ..."
Journal Entry - 01 Sep 12
Journal Entry - 31 Aug 12
"hello and good morning! wow....this is again a nice drop. and: HELLO 80ies! if i'm lucky i won't get back to the 90ies. ..."
Journal Entry - 30 Aug 12
"hello and good morning! that drop came very soon - and i'm totally happy about that! i was thinking recently if i do s ..."
Journal Entry - 29 Aug 12
"morning! here it is - the gain i expected on monday. but at least it is not that much. just 0.5kg and this will be down ..."
Journal Entry - 28 Aug 12
"morning! today is a new day and i feel great. i was totally in my RDI last night. i even had some little ice cream (not ..."
Weigh-in: 196.7 lb This Week:  1.87 %  (Down 3.7 lb) Total Progress:  1.87 %  (Down 3.7 lb)

  Start Weight

Weigh-in: 200.4 lb


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