Challenge Start Date: 12 Nov 11 julie95580's Start Weight: 205.8 lb
Challenge Duration: 4 weeks julie95580's Last Weight: 202.6 lb (08 Dec 11)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 10 Dec 11

  Week 4

Mini Challenge - Pick your favorite exercise - Successful
Mini Challenge - Try a new work out - Successful
Mini Challenge - Exercise more - Failed
Journal Entry - 10 Dec 11
"today is going to be hard....we are going away for the night and we are going out to red lobster for my daughters birthday. ..."
Journal Entry - 07 Dec 11
"Today I am up a bit but I feel like I am backed up so I am not worried about it. I will try to add more fiber today. I ..."
Journal Entry - 06 Dec 11
"so today I did a Zumba class and now I am home and I am going to do some running training on the treadmill. I am in a bad ..."
Weigh-in: 202.6 lb This Week:  0.10 %  (Up 0.2 lb) Total Progress:  1.55 %  (Down 3.2 lb)
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