Challenge Start Date: 01 Mar 10 Beautiful95828's Start Weight: 218.0 lb
Challenge Duration: 12 weeks Beautiful95828's Last Weight: 195.2 lb (30 Apr 10)
Current Period: Challenge Completed Team: Bikini Hotties
Period ended: 24 May 10

  Week 12

Journal Entry - 20 May 10
"Good Morning. Happy Thursday!!! One more day til the weekend!!! WHOOOOOHOOOO!!!! Anyways, Yesterday Was my first day back ..."
Journal Entry - 19 May 10
"Good Morning everybody =) Happy Wedensday!!! Only 2 more Days and its the weekend!!! Can't wait. Yesterday I had a crazy ..."
Period ended: 17 May 10

  Week 11

Journal Entry - 17 May 10
"Good Morning Friends, I have been MIA for quite a while...I was caught up with the wedding in OR that I was going to, So ..."
Period ended: 10 May 10

  Week 10

Journal Entry - 06 May 10
"Confession: I've been doing a lot of soul searching yesterday. And after talking to my mom this morning I realized what ..."
Journal Entry - 05 May 10
"Good Morning All, Happy Wednesday!!! Only 2 More days until The weekend =) Don't you just love that!!! This Morning I only ..."
Journal Entry - 04 May 10
"Good Morning Everybody, Its Tuesday already!!! I hope everybody Had a great Monday!!!! Mine was Hazardous to my health... ..."
Period ended: 03 May 10

  Week 9

Journal Entry - 03 May 10
"Good Morning Everybody!!! Hope Everybody Had a Great weekend =) My weekends usually come out with the same Result, a W ..."
Journal Entry - 30 Apr 10
Journal Entry - 30 Apr 10
"HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYBODY!!!!!! Every Friday is my dress up day at work =) LoL... I know its suppose to be a dress up day ..."
Journal Entry - 29 Apr 10
"Good Morning Everybody, Yesterday I decided to add more exercise to my daily activites... I took a short Jog/walk at l ..."
Journal Entry - 28 Apr 10
"WHHOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!! I just went for a mile walk/jog at work. I jogged 1/3 of the way =) im soo excited... HOpefully I will ..."
Journal Entry - 28 Apr 10
"Have You ever felt like what Your doing isn't enough... Like You could do more But you aren't.... To be honest with ever ..."
Weigh-in: 195.2 lb This Week:  0.51 %  (Down 1.0 lb) Total Progress:  10.46 %  (Down 22.8 lb)
Period ended: 26 Apr 10

  Week 8

Journal Entry - 26 Apr 10
"Good Morning Beautiful People =) I hope everybody IS having a Wonderful Monday =) This weekend was Very Interesting, It ..."
Journal Entry - 23 Apr 10
"GOOD MORNING EVERYBODY. TGIF!!!!! I Finally went to the gym last night after almost a week of MIA... I was on the eliptical ..."
Journal Entry - 22 Apr 10
"Good Morning, Happy Thursday Everybody!!! TOMORROWS FRIDAY!!!!! Whooo HOOOO!!!! Hope Everybody's week is going well. I ..."
Journal Entry - 21 Apr 10
"Good Morning Friends, As many of you have notices I have been MIA for about 2 weeks. It has been a stressful 2 weeks And ..."
Weigh-in: 196.2 lb This Week:  0.80 %  (Down 1.6 lb)* Total Progress:  10.00 %  (Down 21.8 lb)
Period ended: 19 Apr 10

  Week 7

No result recorded
Period ended: 12 Apr 10

  Week 6

Journal Entry - 10 Apr 10
"Good Morning Everybody!!!! Happy Saturday!!! I hope everybody Is having a great weekend!!! I have great News!!! I AM IN THE ..."
Journal Entry - 09 Apr 10
"ONEDERLAND, HERE I COME!!!! Good Morning Everybody, I hope everybody Is having a great day... TGIF... I am Sooo close to ..."
Weigh-in: 199.4 lb This Week:  1.79 %  (Down 3.7 lb)* Total Progress:  8.53 %  (Down 18.6 lb)
Period ended: 05 Apr 10

  Week 5

Journal Entry - 05 Apr 10
"The next time you are tempted by a fast food place, remember this: What comes with your combo? Bloated feeling, Regret, ..."
Journal Entry - 02 Apr 10
"One Moment Of Weakness, One thought of indulgance. One Failed attempt to hold strong to your goal... Result.... 2 lbs ga ..."
Journal Entry - 01 Apr 10
"I Have a wonderful News: I have become an Inspiration. I just spoke to my brother, who is Big(overweight), and He told me ..."
Journal Entry - 01 Apr 10
"Happy April 1st Everybody!!!! Today is the Begining of a New Month.... I have been at this Journey for 4 months now... ..."
Journal Entry - 31 Mar 10
"Good Morning Everybody, Happy Last Day of March.... Although My goal was to be 199 by today, I did not make it... And I ..."
Period ended: 29 Mar 10

  Week 4

Journal Entry - 29 Mar 10
"Good Morning All! Happy Monday!!! I am in a spectacular mood =) I must admit, I am Very Proud of myself!!! After almost ..."
Journal Entry - 27 Mar 10
"Good Morning, Happy Saturday!!! I usually Don't do Next Day weigh ins, But today I am Happy. Since the Begining of the Year ..."
Journal Entry - 26 Mar 10
"Good Morning All =) Happy Friday!!!! TGIF!!!! I've been waiting since Monday For this day. Ok... This week has been R ..."
Journal Entry - 24 Mar 10
"Good Morning Buddies I did not record a Journal Yesterday Because I did not anything Good To say. Since Last week I have ..."
Weigh-in: 206.8 lb This Week:  2.27 %  (Down 4.8 lb) Total Progress:  5.14 %  (Down 11.2 lb)
Period ended: 22 Mar 10

  Week 3

Journal Entry - 22 Mar 10
"Good Morning All, Happy Monday =) I have to be honest with myself. For the past 2 weeks I have went to the gym a total of ..."
Journal Entry - 21 Mar 10
"I've Hit a Plateau =( But its ok... I posted a New Pic .... And I Am singing this song, " If your Sexi and you know it clap ..."
Journal Entry - 19 Mar 10
"Happy Friday Everybody!!!! Ok So I have good News and Bad News! What would you like first.... I'll start off with the b ..."
Journal Entry - 18 Mar 10
"Oh WoW... Its only Thursday =( I wish It was Friday already...... I wish I could sleep in... This Morning I got home at 1am, ..."
Journal Entry - 17 Mar 10
"Happy St. Patricks Day!!! =) Today Is MY Mommy's Birthday. Im not going to the gym today. So After Work Im going to go home, ..."
Journal Entry - 16 Mar 10
"I can't wait to start wearing Summer Dresses!!!! I haven't worn a beautiful Dress In YEARS!!!!!!! Anybody Know any good ..."
Journal Entry - 16 Mar 10
"I can finally touch my toes easily. Without bending my knees. Last night My Neice and I had a contest who can touch our toes ..."
Weigh-in: 211.6 lb This Week:  0.19 %  (Down 0.4 lb) Total Progress:  2.94 %  (Down 6.4 lb)
Period ended: 15 Mar 10

  Week 2

Mini Challenge - Record everything you eat BEFORE you eat it. - Successful
Mini Challenge - Make healthy choices and stick to your diet. - Successful
Mini Challenge - Drink more water. - Successful
Mini Challenge - Exercise 30 minutes - at least 3 days a week. - Successful
Mini Challenge - Be kind to yourself. - Successful
Mini Challenge - Read your goals at the beginning of each week. - Successful
Journal Entry - 15 Mar 10
"Good Morning Everybody =) I could barely get up for work this morning I was soo tired! I had to watch my brothers kids ..."
Journal Entry - 12 Mar 10
"TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoooo Hoooo..... I'm In the green!!!!! I can't even describe How that feels. It feels like ..."
Journal Entry - 11 Mar 10
"Good Morning Friends, I have to confess to you guys, I sinned yesterday. LoL... I did not go to the gym but instead I ate ..."
Journal Entry - 10 Mar 10
"This Week is not turning out the way I wanted it too. Yesterday Morning I woke up with a scratchy throat. I thought nothing ..."
Journal Entry - 09 Mar 10
"Good Morning =) I must admit this weekend is turning out pretty awsome... I was afraid that for some reason I was going ..."
Weigh-in: 212.0 lb This Week:  2.03 %  (Down 4.4 lb) Total Progress:  2.75 %  (Down 6.0 lb)
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