Challenge Start Date: 28 Jun 09 BlackButterfly615's Start Weight: 172.6 lb
Challenge Duration: 1 weeks BlackButterfly615's Last Weight: 173.8 lb (01 Jul 09)
Current Period: Challenge Completed Team: Red
Period ended: 05 Jul 09

  Day 7

Journal Entry - 05 Jul 09
"Yesterday was simply ridiculous! I went so far over my points, that I only have 15.5 of my weekly allowance available. T ..."
Period ended: 04 Jul 09

  Day 6

No result recorded
Period ended: 03 Jul 09

  Day 5

Journal Entry - 03 Jul 09
"I went to the gym, and while I was waiting for cycle to begin, i got the bright idea to go to the 30/30 class (30 minutes ..."
Journal Entry - 03 Jul 09
"This morning, since I have no work, I haven't even had my coffee yet! BUT, if I get off my butt and go to the Y, they have ..."
Period ended: 02 Jul 09

  Day 4

Journal Entry - 02 Jul 09
"Today was definitely one of those days that made me look forward to the weekend. My boss was especially difficult, I think ..."
Journal Entry - 02 Jul 09
"I've ABSOLUTELY gotta start going to bed earlier! I feel myself dragging throught this workout. I'm SLEEPY! I had to cut ..."
Period ended: 01 Jul 09

  Day 3

Mini Challenge - Excercise one hour per day. - Successful
"With the television. "
Journal Entry - 01 Jul 09
"This morning, I had a long conversation (and cry) with my aunt, whose the reason I believe that all aunties should have a ..."
Journal Entry - 01 Jul 09
"An unlikely (and UNFUNNY!) story! I went in to Weight Watchers, because I normally do the Saturday meetings and Saturday's ..."
Weigh-in: 173.8 lb This Day:  0.23 %  (Up 0.4 lb)* Total Progress:  0.69 %  (Up 1.2 lb)
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