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Posted 17 Dec 12 by BBD5
I really can't see much of a difference.. I can tell you the "now" picture I have my pants folded so they will stay up and not droop.. That's a plus.. Thank you Angie ;)  
17 Dec 12 by member: BBD5
You can't see it 'cause it's you. WE can see the difference. Trust me, you're getting slimmer! And you're welcome :) Now go buy you some smaller pants lolol :P 
17 Dec 12 by member: angiekae68
Thanks Angie.. That is my plan to begin purchasing another pair of lounge pants.. ;) 
17 Dec 12 by member: BBD5
You see you every day. You are definitely looking slimmer. Your belly looks flatter and your hip/thigh area is looking narrower. New pants!!  
19 Dec 12 by member: Rachel116
I can see the difference! Great job! 
19 Dec 12 by member: atriel2
Ok. Ladies.. I guess I will have to take your uplifting words for it! My sister visit me today, and I showed her the site and all the support we share.. Showed her the updated picture (side by side) of myself and she said the same thing you all said! She said my waist is coming in - it's not the extended waist as before lol lol .. Ohh and she also told me to tell you all - "You all are lucky I didn't take a picture in the rainbow moo moo dress!" and showed me lol lol lol She is too funny! So thank you ladies.. I guess like RAchel said " I see myself everyday".. Ok.. just wanted to give you guys something to chuckle about!  
19 Dec 12 by member: BBD5
Dorothy, lookin' good! I can easily see a difference in your hips! You go, girl!! 
20 Dec 12 by member: stacyowens
Thank you ladies! :) 
20 Dec 12 by member: BBD5
Sometimes we cannot see the difference in ourselves but your pants are proving otherwise! Keep it up! 
22 Jan 13 by member: LouAnn Lovato
Thans LouAnn Lovato! You're right....sometimes when I look at myself and I still see the 210 pound person!  
22 Jan 13 by member: BBD5
I bet you are feeling the difference in your body by now! Keep up the great work!  
26 Jan 13 by member: Rachel116


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