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Posted 03 Apr 11 by triaby
I was inspired by Babs' photo and thought a really good idea to post a picture that shows you before the weight loss. This photo made me lose weight!  
03 Apr 11 by member: triaby
Tracy you are a crack up with the "venice" joke. I love it. And, I really liek this dress. :) Your new pic is amazing. You can see a big difference between this one and that one. Keep eating healthy! 
03 Apr 11 by member: radiochick
LOL - the dress is long gone (hooray for eBay!) - it was a size 22 and now I am mostly fitting into a size 16 (more comfortably in the last two months since starting calorie counting I might add). I nearly did not post this photo as it really makes me cringe - but it is a visual reminder of what I do not want to look like and why it is important to be "Fit for life"!! 
03 Apr 11 by member: triaby
You hardly look like the same person - Thank you for sharing. Maybe now there is hope for the rest of us.  
03 Apr 11 by member: BuffyBear
Triaby, I just noticed your challenge pic. Wow I can sooo see the dif in you girl. You have done a fantastic job....Bren 
09 Apr 11 by member: BHA
Thanks everyone - I guess I should add that I have lost 50 pounds since this photo and am so looking forward to getting to my goal weight (which I don't really know what it will be until I get there..when I feel comfortable in a size 12 is my aim at the moment) and then I can have the two on the Before and After forum :) 
11 Apr 11 by member: triaby


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