Posted 23 Jan 11 by k8yk
Wow! So motivating :) thanks for sharing  
23 Jan 11 by member: agiesken
so cute 
23 Jan 11 by member: MrsMtkr look AMAZING!! 
24 Jan 11 by member: NoChubbyMom
Thank you!  
24 Jan 11 by member: k8yk
Go Kate go! I'm striving for just a transformation! You look WONDERFUL! 
24 Jan 11 by member: topaz68
What an inspiration you are and how great of you to share your story and pictures. You look beautiful! Great job! 
05 Feb 11 by member: sbulleigh
YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! Sorry that I had to shout. :-) 
09 Feb 11 by member: GilmoreGirl
Oh's there is inspiration - it encouraged me to take a body shot...I'm going to wait for the after shot to reveal that one though! 
09 Feb 11 by member: triaby
Smokin lady! Fabulous ;) 
09 Feb 11 by member: vanessa896
Thanks! Take those before pictures, I really wish I had. Take a front and side shot. This "before" photo is the only one I have of my highest weight (and I gained 10-20 lb after that)because I hid from the camera so well. I didn't show the "before" until I had the "after", but now I'm very glad I at least have one picture. 
09 Feb 11 by member: k8yk
That is an amazing transformation!!! Seriously, you would never know those pics are of the same person. Congratulations. Enjoy your new body and new outlook on life. 
09 Feb 11 by member: MJPrich
You are an inspiration; I have taken the two shots and YES I have hidden them. I even hide from mirrors and family photos; everytime I see myself in photos I cringe. I wonder if that is why I have had not luck with employment - because I am OVERWEIGHT. 
10 Feb 11 by member: anufi
Fantastic Job!! 
11 Feb 11 by member: irondude
What a look so tiny!!! How motivating!!!! 
01 Mar 11 by member: psk1414
"tiny" :) Now there's a word I never thought I'd hear used toward my 5'8" Amazonian self, lol! Thanks!  
01 Mar 11 by member: k8yk
Wow you look amazing! This really is very motivating. I'm 5'9 and 215 lbs now and seeing your transformation is an eye opener. Thanks for showing me/us that it's possible to change.  
07 Mar 11 by member: kcuesta
I wish I had your determination. You look amazing. Thank you for helping me believe:) 
20 Jun 11 by member: Hate2bfat
Looking great! 
17 Jul 11 by member: Adr58
you look great! 
01 Aug 11 by member: palmtreex


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