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Posted 14 Aug 10 by k8yk
OK, buy that one too! Love it! 
14 Aug 10 by member: datadoll
You look AMAZING!!! 
14 Aug 10 by member: Johanne
Lovely! TOWANDA!! 
14 Aug 10 by member: Lisa Online
My first thought? "I'm jealous". My second thought? "Then start working your calves Ms Sunshine!!!" Looking great, Kate! 
15 Aug 10 by member: Sunshine99
Oooh, that's pretty!  
15 Aug 10 by member: suechru
You look great and I love this dress also!!!! 
16 Aug 10 by member: angel_face0145
yeah! where did you get the dress? (The calves I already know where you got them) ;)  
16 Aug 10 by member: BCB
BCB, this and the red dress are both from Kohl's. I actually didn't buy either of them :) I liked every dress I tried on, but have no reason for a dress right now. When I have a reason, I will go back for one! 
16 Aug 10 by member: k8yk
I love this one! 
17 Aug 10 by member: Shae206
You look great! The dress if fabulous! I hope you got it, you look really good in it. 
17 Sep 10 by member: Chenyne1
Nice :) my calves are looking like that also :D Yay to working out! 
24 Jan 11 by member: vanessa896
24 Jan 11 by member: IdaMarie78
The Calves and you are HOTT!!!! Exactly what exercise got the calves looking like that? 
14 Mar 11 by member: fr33birds
Thanks! oh, you should see them now after losing another 20 lb! I've always had overdeveloped calves- from horseback riding and skiing as a teenager, I think (and genetics). But other than that, if you want to build up your calves, calve raises work and so do lunges and squats, and especially running. 
14 Mar 11 by member: k8yk


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