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Posted 17 Apr 13 by Joelly
This is me at 158 lbs. My goal weight is about 140 lbs. I'm Latina with "assets" all around and I want to keep my curvy body type. I just want it to be a slimmer and healthier version.  
17 Apr 13 by member: Joelly
Wow you look fantastic for 158! Wish I could carry my "extra" weight so flatteringly!! 
01 Aug 13 by member: nithomas
Hello, Your doing great. Keep up the good work.  
20 Aug 13 by member: Jamekad
Thanks ladies! I always seem to keep the same "coca-cola bottle" shape no matter how much I gain or lose. Unfortunately I've gained some since this photo. I can't wait to get back to 158 and then down another 18 after that! 
19 Sep 13 by member: Joelly
I am the same height as you! I used to weigh the same as you but I didn't look as half as good as you do! You look amazing! 
30 Apr 14 by member: RastaIrieMon


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