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Posted 16 Jan 13 by natalita4444
Im 25, 1.62 cm height, 52 kilos at the moment. I wanna lose 5-6 kilos! WHAT DOESN'T CHALLENGE YOU,DOESN'T CHANGE YOU!! And...sorry for my English,I'm Spanish learning this lenguage!! ;) 
16 Jan 13 by member: natalita4444
That's a spirit! :) 
17 Jan 13 by member: ansyna
By the way I love your stomach - so flat :) 
21 Jan 13 by member: ansyna
:) thx! Sorry,I need to do a break with my diet because my training in the gym its being affected, I am feeling weak...I cant workout I feel tired very soon!! :( so I am taking some time to get stronger and recover psysically,and once I get it,I will start again with the diet and the challange.I hope you dont mind I dont leave the challenge,it makes me want to recover faster!!See you soon!!and do not give up!!nothing works if you dont do it!! 
11 Feb 13 by member: natalita4444
Sorry...not BEING affected...IT IS BEEN AFFECTED!! :S 
11 Feb 13 by member: natalita4444


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