Posted 07 Feb 13 by danzaldo
Oh nice! Did you make the scarf? I'm allergic to every fiber on the planet (at least it seems that way some days) but I really admire people's work.  
07 Feb 13 by member: Rowanfair
I like the scarf too! 
09 Feb 13 by member: Myrna Louise
Actually, my mom got the crochetting & knitting bug over Christmas 2012. She has made me so many cool scarves and cowls and headbands. I love them! I'm sorry you're allergic! There HAS to be some hypoallergenic yarn out there, right? Is hemp hypoallergenic? 
09 Feb 13 by member: danzaldo
Thanks Myrna :) 
09 Feb 13 by member: danzaldo
Lovely Picture! I love the scarf. 
10 Feb 13 by member: Rachel116
Thank you Rachel! My mom's new hobby - I love it. Haven't bought a new scarf all season :)  
11 Feb 13 by member: danzaldo
Such a beautiful lady!! :-) 
17 Feb 13 by member: Julie42
Julie, YOU are a beautiful lady.  
20 Feb 13 by member: danzaldo


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