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Posted 05 Jan 13 by Vcravener
Jan 5, 2013. Weight: 210 
05 Jan 13 by member: Vcravener
It's good that you are already taking pictures and posting.. This will motivate you - especially when you see your progress photos! Good luck on the journey!! We're all in this together!!  
05 Jan 13 by member: BBD5
That's the weight that I started out as, and trust me, if I (a binge eater) can do it, you can too! You'll be glad you took photos at the beginning! Good luck to you!! 
05 Jan 13 by member: angiekae68
Thanks for the vote of confidence I'm glad to have positive buddies on FS to help with support . 
07 Jan 13 by member: Vcravener
Good Luck on your journey, and I am sure you will make it a postiive experience!  
22 Jan 13 by member: LouAnn Lovato
Can't wait to see the new updated photo! You're doing a great job and again once you see the progress photos..you're going to keep on keepin on!  
22 Jan 13 by member: BBD5
^5 to you for posting a beginning picture! It's one of the most helpful tools of all time. Once you see your progress pictures side by side against your beginning picture you'll be amazed and never want to stop this again..Kudos to you! 
26 Jan 13 by member: Rachel116


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