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Posted 17 Dec 12 by BBD5
Thank you Angie for creating/posting the side by side... 
17 Dec 12 by member: BBD5
You're welcome, girl. BTW, have I told you lately that you're slimming up? :P 
17 Dec 12 by member: angiekae68
looking good, girl!  
18 Jan 13 by member: nixnay
Great motivation!  
21 Jan 13 by member: robbi
Ahhhww thank you nixnay and robbi! :) I look at the pictures and can't believe it! 1-2 more pounds and I will be due for another pic.. Thanks for the kind words..  
21 Jan 13 by member: BBD5
Looking forward to seeing a new picture!! BTW You're doing amazing things with that body! 
26 Jan 13 by member: Rachel116


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