Posted 11 Nov 12 by angiekae68
Don't really know what I weighed in Feb., but it was at least 215, maybe more. That's what I weighed when I started Induction on Aug. 16. I know that Drivers License photos are normally bad anyway, but I thought it would make a good comparison. So this is me at 215+, 194.5 and 184.7. I made a collage of my full-body comparison photos, but adding it here makes it so small that you can really tell the differences. It's posted in the Community Forum under Motivation Central - Look At Me. 
11 Nov 12 by member: angiekae68
Sorry, that should say "Community - Forum - Motivation Central - Look At Me - Before and After, anyone?" thread. 
11 Nov 12 by member: angiekae68
Angie... you can see the difference in your face, your facial features have so much more definition now! You have such a beautiful smile, too! I am off to check out the body shots! 
11 Nov 12 by member: FitnessJunkie1026
Thank you!! :) 
11 Nov 12 by member: angiekae68
Angie, how cute are you!! :) Too cute! .. You can definitely tell the difference in all 3 pics.. Go girlie!! 
11 Nov 12 by member: BBD5
Thank you, Dorothy! :P 
11 Nov 12 by member: angiekae68
you look lovely, very pretty, and much younger than the first pic! 
12 Nov 12 by member: tenkilos
Go Angie!! You're a very pretty lady and the last picture is stunning. You are doing a wonderful job!  
12 Nov 12 by member: Rachel116
Thank you, Linda and Rachel! You're very kind. I'll take younger ANY day! :P 
13 Nov 12 by member: angiekae68
Look at you - specacular!!! How fun to see the positive changes all this hard work brings about! You are amazing! 
16 Nov 12 by member: Pete1998
Aww, thank you, Tiffany :) Before, I would never let anyone take my picture, and now I can't wait to take another one to compare! lol 
17 Nov 12 by member: angiekae68
Waiting on a new pic! LOL  
29 Nov 12 by member: Rachel116
LOL! As soon as I get all this food out of me, I'll take another lol. I feel so bloated, though everyone at my house says I don't look it. Another thing that's all in my mind, I suppose. 
30 Nov 12 by member: angiekae68
30 Nov 12 by member: txdoll69
Thank you, txdoll! And welcome to our Group! :D 
30 Nov 12 by member: angiekae68
lovely photo Angie, you look so prettyxxx 
29 Dec 12 by member: tenkilos
Lovely pics Angie, you inspire me. Although I don't have much to lose, I carry my weight in the top part of my body, which makes me top heavy. I just need the weight to go soo can " even out". Continue to do well. I am super happy I found this group. 
02 Jan 13 by member: Lealiash
you look more double chin. 
04 Jan 13 by member: rockytu
These pics show your journey and your facial features coming out!  
22 Jan 13 by member: LouAnn Lovato
Thank you!! I guess I need to add the newest pics to this one. I'm really gonna have to get a new driver's license photo taken. The last time I used it, the lady said, "Is this YOU??" LOL I had to explain that I've lost 55 pounds, and cut and colored my hair since then. She just said, "WOW!" LOL 
02 Mar 13 by member: angiekae68


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