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Posted 11 Sep 08 by Pinkest_Princess
how do you do this? its tha smae pic right? je ne comprends pas... 
13 Sep 08 by member: misspiggy84
Pink, I think it is a website, some one else posted a similar pic also citing weightview. 
13 Sep 08 by member: Simavision
You are so brave to submit this photo on the web! I could never do a before and after of myself. I give you credit for that but it does look fake. How did you do that? 
13 Sep 08 by member: icefigures
icefigures its website called weightview.com 
13 Sep 08 by member: Pinkest_Princess
They made you straight up and down! I don't think your hips would disappear like that. Neat photo though! 
15 Sep 08 by member: iced_tea
i bloody hope my hips don't disappear like that i don't think i would be happy looking like that! 
15 Sep 08 by member: Pinkest_Princess
The best thing about this pic is that you have clean skin so you look great in both.* 
06 Jan 09 by member: Married mom to 3
Personally I think you look fantastic babes...how about a more recent photo??  
10 Oct 09 by member: FiveChordJay


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