Posted 04 Apr 13 by great48
lookin to lose body fat and add muscle 
04 Apr 13 by member: great48
What body fat?? I'm going to take a guess and say you are 48? First, you look like my daughters age and my stomach didn't look that awesome when I was a teenager! Whatever you are doing, keep doing it! You're an inspiration :) 
10 Apr 13 by member: Sheysdrm
Thanks so much for the nice words you are pretty right... I will be 48 in june peri menopausal and its throwin my body outta wack... you cant see the layer of fat that just all of a sundden came and stayed on my belly and the back of my body! I really need to know what to do to get it to go away!!!  
11 Apr 13 by member: great48
What is your current diet and exercise schedule? 
26 Apr 13 by member: blezin
I try to workout everyday... if I cant get to the gym I have many good dvds and many system... p90x insanity beast... to name a few plus a bowflex and curl bar straight bar and free weights ... so i switch it up... as for my diet... thats harder Im trying to start eating better,, more greens more lean protien cutting back on carbs and sugar...dunkiin donuts coffee is my down fall!! 
26 Apr 13 by member: great48
Diet is what is going to make the difference with the remaining belly fat based upon where you are now and your regular exercise schedule. What types of carbs (and how much) is going to be your key. Stay away from sugar and wheat products. Also keep your fat intake from dairy products on the light side. Take your Dunkin with Splenda and skim! 
26 Apr 13 by member: blezin
:) thanks! 
26 Apr 13 by member: great48
I'm curious, how tall are you? I weigh in at 155.4 lbs and am 5 foot 7.5 inches . I am 45 yrs old. I also work out with weights and do cardio, but probably 1/2 as much as you do. Yup, it's the eating that's the trick. I lost a wee bit of weight before a trip to Mexico earlier this year following this program and writing everything down. (Have put the weight back on without the program over the last few months). It really works, so keep up all your efforts. And if all else fails, I am thinking you look pretty darn close to perfection anyways! :) 
26 Jun 13 by member: MaggieM1
aww thanks! im only 5'3 and ive decided that im going to start writting it all down...and going back to being active everyday no matter what... back to getting up early and getting it done! 
06 Sep 13 by member: great48


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