Before you Create a new Group:

As you consider whether you'd like to create and manage a group our suggestion is to think about the things that you are most passionate about and interested in, as it's likely that there are other members who also care about the same things and could benefit greatly from a group to share experiences and bond around a common interest (or geography). Don't get upset if your group isn't working and look for other groups that may have been started that are similar. You are welcome to reach out to the owners and administrators of the other groups to see if you can encourage group members to move and form a larger group for everyone to talk in.

Remember as FatSecret continues to grow there are likely to be lots more people who are interested in joining your group so please be patient – from little things big things grow!

There's also the FatSecret Group Administrators Discussion Group, where you can talk to lots of other group owners and administrators to share ideas about the best ways to run a group and help each other.

Group Setup Choices:

Before you create a group please be aware that certain parts of the group cannot be changed once it is created so please consider the following settings:
  1. Common Interest or Private – a common interest group is open to all members to join in and shows up in the groups directory, while a private challenge is a good way to connect with members in private but you'll need to let them know about the group through an invitation as it is not listed in the directory and will not appear in search results.
  2. Name – once chosen, the name of your group cannot be changed.
  3. For all Common Interest groups, you can select values for the following sections for the group (default is to include all):
    • Age of members
    • Amount of weight members are looking to lose (if any)
    • Whether the group is for women, men or both
    • Location of the group, which can be by country or State (US, Canada only) or Zip (US only)
    • Category for the group (will help people search for the group)
  4. If you just want to create a special type of group for members in your State or Zip, you can leave all the fields on their default settings and just fill in the relevant State and Zip.

Getting your Group Started:

To get started, there's a few things you might want to do:
  1. Check your group settings are correct. On every page of your group you will see the "Administrators Toolbox" where you can edit the group’s general and privacy settings and where you have tools to manage the group.
  2. Go to the group forum, start a new topic and make an initial post to the group forum welcoming new members. You can add it as regular post or an Announcement, which will show up at the top of your group's forum until deleted.
  3. Grow your group – depending on the nature of your group invite your FatSecret buddies or new people who are not yet FatSecret members. Reach out to people who you think would benefit from the group and create a group environment that encourages members to visit and come back often.

Group Search
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Start Your Own Group

If you can't find a group that you're interested in or would like to start your own group...