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  30 Day EASY Push up Challenge
This is an EASY push-up challenge for those of us who are weak as fudge!
starts in: 2 days
duration: 4 weeks
day 1: Friday 24 Feb 17
  12 Weeks Rapid Weight Loss Challenge
800 Calories a day, low carb Med style eating. For rapid weight loss & better blood sugars.
starts in: 4 days
duration: 12 weeks
day 1: Sunday 26 Feb 17
  Water Hydration
Drink 2 Liters of water everyday
starts in: 5 days
duration: 4 weeks
day 1: Monday 27 Feb 17
  Mars challenge
like February lets make it at least 5 kilos per month exercice 3 time per week and drink tea and water
starts in: 7 days
duration: 4 weeks
day 1: Wednesday 01 Mar 17
  Fit & Sassy
Spring is a great time of year to get active and increase your fitness and health!
starts in: 12 days
duration: 8 weeks
day 1: Monday 06 Mar 17

Challenges In Progress

  Lose 1 LB /Week for 12 Weeks
To meet my own goal I need to lose 1 lb/wk now to July 3. Join me for the first 12 weeks. Then repeat if you wish.
status: In Progress
currently: Week 7 of 12
end date: Monday 03 Apr 17
  Fasting after 5 for 5
No calories after 5pm for 5 days.
status: In Progress
currently: Period 1 of 1
end date: Thursday 23 Feb 17
  I Love Summer Slim-Down
Goal is to use what works best for you to slim-down by summer! We can make some big changes in 3 months!
status: In Progress
currently: Week 3 of 12
end date: Saturday 29 Apr 17
  Ketogenic Diet 2017 6 week Challange
This challenge is NOT for everyone. Ketogenic Diet should be about 80%Fat,15% PROTEIN & 5%CARBS.(20g carbs daily max).
status: In Progress
currently: Week 5 of 6
end date: Monday 06 Mar 17
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