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  Eighteen pounds gone by Oct. 7
Let's lose 18 pounds by Oct. 7 for a healthier you and me. Oct. 7 is my 62nd birthday. Join me! It's a party!
starts in: 2 days
duration: 11 weeks
day 1: Monday 25 Jul 16
  Water Essence of Life
Drink 8 glasses of water per day
starts in: 9 days
duration: 8 weeks
day 1: Monday 01 Aug 16
  50 for 5 Challenge
Let's do 50g of carbs or less for 5 weeks.
starts in: 9 days
duration: 5 weeks
day 1: Monday 01 Aug 16
  More More More
Increase your water, your exercise and your healthy food choices. The goal is to improve, lose weight, feel better.
starts in: 13 days
duration: 7 periods
day 1: Friday 05 Aug 16

Challenges In Progress

  Lighten Up: July 31 Days Weight Loss Challenge
July 31st - what figure do you want to see in the mirror staring back at you? (And I don't mean somebody else.) You do you!
status: In Progress
currently: Week 4 of 4
end date: Friday 29 Jul 16
  Get Fit Beginner
Let's ease into getting fit without overwhelming ourselves.
status: In Progress
currently: Week 2 of 4
end date: Monday 08 Aug 16
  Get Your Walk On!
Preparing for a walking holiday - from no stamina to ultra stamina. Let's go!
status: In Progress
currently: Week 7 of 12
end date: Tuesday 30 Aug 16
  Twelve-week weight check
Weigh now, then see how you're doing in 12 weeks' time. Ends August 31st.
status: In Progress
currently: Week 7 of 12
end date: Wednesday 31 Aug 16
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