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Premium Orange Juice (view info)
 8 fl oz

Large Grade A Eggs (Hard Boiled) (view info)
 1 egg

egless egg salad (view info)
 2 tbsp

Whole Wheat Bread (view info)
 regular slices

jolof rice (view info)
 1.5 cup

French Onion Dip (view info)
 2 tbsp

Pretzel Rods (view info)
 3 rods

Chicken Meatloaf (view info)
 4 oz

Singles Select American Cheese Slices (view info)
 1 slice

Hard-Boiled Egg (view info)

greek corner lowfat yogurt with pineapple passionfruit (view info)
 1 container

butternut squash wild rice casserole (view info)
 1 cup

Munchies Jalapeno Cheddar Sandwich Crackers (view info)
 1 package

Real Mayonnaise (view info)
 1 tbsp

veggie chowder (view info)
 1 cup

avocado pasta (view info)
 1 cup

Fruit Salad (view info)

Baked or Broiled Salmon (view info)
 oz of boneless

Country Club Crackers (view info)
 4 crackers

mushroom white bean spinach soup (view info)