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Chicken Breast (view info)
 small breast

White Rice (view info)
 Quantity not specified

Ham and Cheese Sandwich (view info)

Instant Oatmeal (view info)
 cup, cooked

Mountain Dew 250ml can (view info)

quarterpounder with cheese set (view info)

Peanut Butter Sandwich (view info)

tuna cubes (view info)

potatoes (view info)

Gouda Cheese (view info)

Sprite (view info)

Twix (view info)

Mixed Salad Greens (view info)

Potato Chips (view info)
 chip, NFS

Ginger Ale (view info)

Apple Pie (view info)

Six Cheese Bagel (view info)

Combination Crisp Crust Party Pizza (view info)

lottee sand (view info)

sewoo gang (view info)
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