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Clif Bar - Cool Mint Chocolate (view info)
 1 bar

Protein Juice Smoothie - Protein Zone (view info)
 8 fl oz

Tuna Noodle Casserole with (Mushroom) Soup (view info)

Grapes (view info)
 cups, seedless

Boosted 100% Juice Smoothie - Blue Machine (view info)
 8 fl oz

Instant Oatmeal - Strawberries & Cream (view info)
 1 packet

Original 99% Fat Free Yogurt - Strawberry (170g) (view info)
 1 container

Clif Bar - Chocolate Brownie (view info)
 1 bar

Chili (view info)

Bacon Roadhouse (view info)
 1 burger

Famous Seasoned Fries (Medium) (view info)
 1 serving

Instant Oatmeal Weight Control - Maple & Brown Sugar (view info)
 1 packet

Baked or Fried Coated Chicken Wing with Skin (Skin/Coating Eaten) (view info)

Meatless Fried Rice (view info)

Orange Chicken (view info)
 5 oz

Apple Jacks (view info)

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks (3) (view info)
 3 pieces

Chicken Rings (6) (view info)
 6 pieces

Spicy Chicken Burrito (view info)
 1 burrito

Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme (view info)
 1 taco