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Broccoli (view info)
 cup chopped

Tomatoes (view info)
 medium whole

Yellowfin Tuna (Fish) (view info)
 oz, boneless

Italian Salad Dressing (view info)

Mixed Salad Greens (view info)
 cup, shredded or chopped

Red Table Wine (view info)
 serving 5 fl oz

Tomato & Basil Pizza Veggie Burgers (view info)

Oat Bran (view info)

Low Fat Vanilla Soy Milk (view info)

Cooked Dried Prune (view info)

Carb Master Vanilla Yogurt (view info)

Tuna in Water (Canned) (view info)

Bran Muffin (view info)

Fruit Salad (view info)

Baked or Broiled Cod (view info)
 oz, boneless, cooked

Brown Rice (view info)
 cup, cooked

Cranberry Juice (view info)

Prune Juice (view info)

Egg Omelet or Scrambled Egg with Cheese (view info)
 medium egg

Baklava (view info)