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Organic Protein Plant Based Powder (view info)
 2 rounded scoops

Large Grade A Eggs (view info)
 1 egg

Organic Chia Seed (view info)
 1 tbsp

Organic Power Greens (view info)
 3 oz

Organic Golden Omega Flaxseed (view info)
 2 tbsp

Wheat Germ (view info)
 2 tbsp

Cooked Kale (from Fresh, Fat Not Added in Cooking) (view info)
 cups of fresh

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (view info)
 1 tbsp

Whole Milk (view info)

Jalapeno Peppers (view info)
 2 tbsp

Frozen Whole Strawberries (view info)
 1 cup

Pure Almond Milk - Original (view info)
 1 cup

Pre-Ground Flaxseed (view info)
 2 tbsp

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (view info)
 1 tbsp

Frozen Mixed Berries (view info)
 1 cup

Total 0% Greek Yogurt (view info)
 1 cup

100% Organic Lemon Juice (view info)
 2 tbsp

Pure Cranberry Juice Unsweetened (view info)
 8 fl oz

Nutritional Yeast Flakes (view info)
 2 heaping tbsp

Organic Sprouted Honey Wheat with Flaxseed Bread (view info)
 1 slice