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Bourbon (view info)
 fl oz

Bacon (view info)
 thin slice

Olive Oil (view info)

Cheddar Cheese (view info)

Egg (view info)

Fried Egg (view info)

Mayonnaise (view info)

Cream Cheese (view info)

American Cheese (view info)

Butter (view info)

Whiskey (view info)
 fl oz

Cheese Pizza (view info)

Tuna in Water (Canned) (view info)

Tomatoes (view info)
 medium whole

Bacon (Cured, Pan-Fried, Cooked) (view info)
 slice cooked

Lite Beer (Bottle) (view info)

Whole Wheat Bread (view info)
 regular slice

Corn Oil (view info)

Red Table Wine (view info)
 fl oz

Spinach (view info)