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Whole Milk (view info)

Cheddar Cheese (view info)

Coffee (view info)

Coconut Oil (view info)

Heavy Cream (view info)

my secret bread (view info)

Cherry Tomatoes (view info)

Lettuce (view info)
 cup of shredded or chopped

Cucumber (with Peel) (view info)
 cups slices

Double cream greek style yoghurt (view info)
 1/2 cup

Avocados (view info)
 avocados, NS as to Florida or California

Butter (Salted) (view info)

Green Sweet Pepper (view info)
 10 strip portion

Butter (view info)

Beef Jerky (view info)

Fried Egg (view info)

Dark Chocolate Snack Bar (view info)
 1 bar

Olives (view info)

Bacon (view info)
 thin slices

Boiled Egg (view info)