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Bananas (view info)

Milk Chocolate Bar (Snack Size) (view info)

Processed American Cheese (view info)

Light Mayonnaise (view info)

Mayonnaise (view info)

Coca-Cola Classic (12 oz) (view info)

Milk (Nonfat) (view info)

Cheddar Cheese (view info)

Double Chocolate Protein Meal Bar (view info)

Tangerine (view info)

Healthy Goodness Fiber & Flavor Potato Bread (view info)

Beef Steak (view info)
 oz, boneless, cooked

Real Mayonnaise (view info)

Yellow Corn Tortillas (view info)

Shredded Colby & Monterey Jack Cheese (view info)

Strawberries (view info)
 cup, halves

Fruit Snacks (view info)

Coke Zero (view info)

6" BLT (view info)

Black Forest Ham, Egg White & Cheese Flatbread (view info)