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Important in losing weight is to start moving, my excercise is working in the yard. Stay away from bread products, cut out all sugar, including substitute, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, change your cooking oils to avacado, coconut and olive oil. Drink lots of water, to know how much to drink water, take your weight divide by two equals how many ounces per day of water intake. Read all product labels, and most important, keep a daily food journal, write down what you eat and how many carbs, fat, protien, sodium and carbs intake for each meal. My favorite for keeping a food journal is fatsecret.com, very helpful tool. There is a wide variety of helpful tools on your phone and the internet, also, do not for get your local YMCA, they have many classes to reach your goal. I signed up for the "12 Week Healthier New You" my medical insurance covered the cost for the class, I had to pay for the membership to the YMCA. Also, I was going to Budget Gourmet and weight loss group held at LaClinica, my doctor is o
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