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January 1, 2013 weighed 225# gave sweets up and started light anaerobic exercises. I started to see some results. In July, 2013 I went on the website bodybuilding.com and found a training program that would fit my needs. That program was Lee Labrada's 12 week Lean Body Program. This is where I got motivated. The slogan was not start but "FINISH SOMETHING" I did finish his program and was down to 175-180# by November 2013 using his program of nutrition and exercise. I have stayed with it using tips and parts of other trainers programs I found on that website. In January 2014 I joined a gym which, when I walked in, I was a bit intimidated. There were a lot of serious people working out. I stayed there until June 2014 and I now have good muscle definition and a 33" waist with a well defined 4 pack (the 6 pack is a work in progress). I will be taking a couple of months off while I recuperate from a couple of surgeries. I will be back at it though as soon as I am able. Oh yes, I'm 66 years old. My d
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