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One of my 5:2 staples has become ground chicken - low enough to give you two generous patties for 200 calories - with a salad, these will feel crazy-filling on a fast meal! (Calories depending on brand, somewhat.) However - they can be a bit bland. For that reason, a few hours/24 hrs prior to eating, we like to blend up some fresh coriander, garlic and onion powder, black pepper, half a crumbled (organic) veggie bullion cube (per 400g of meat), chile powder - then mix it through the meat to let it marinate before shaping into patties and grilling. Not only does the coriander add some nice colour and a bit more vitamin content to the meat, but these pre-seasonings infuse a lot of taste into the meat with minimal caloric impact. If you don't like coriander, try subbing the marinade spices out for other flavours. Some ideas: You could go with something like sage-based seasonings to give it a Thanksgiving-ish flavour profile, then for a side dish that mirrors it - for intsance, a light salad with carr
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