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Икра Свекольная
by member: Варга
Очень вкусное и полезное блюдо.
Per serve - Energy: 113kcal | Carb: 14.59g | Prot: 2.17g | Fat: 5.72g
Not yet rated.
Pão Integral
by member: Lylian Reis
100% pão integral.
Per serve - Energy: 848kcal | Carb: 124.25g | Prot: 49.75g | Fat: 20.28g
Not yet rated.
Hamburguesas Caseras con Trigo
by member: ViclaV
Hamburguesas caseras con vegetales y trigo.
Per serve - Energy: 162kcal | Carb: 12.70g | Prot: 8.99g | Fat: 8.53g
Not yet rated.
Ватрушка "Королевская"
by member: Aligadema
Нежный, творожный десерт с рассыпчатым тестом.
Per serve - Energy: 438kcal | Carb: 74.52g | Prot: 10.64g | Fat: 10.97g
Not yet rated.
Гороховый Суп
by member: Butterfly_Effect
Белковый гороховый суп-пюре, который легко приготовить.
Per serve - Energy: 464kcal | Carb: 61.23g | Prot: 28.92g | Fat: 9.63g
Not yet rated.
Cold Soba Noodle Salad
by member: Ladyphattie
A refreshing cold noodle salad.
Per serve - Energy: 262kcal | Carb: 49.02g | Prot: 11.12g | Fat: 3.73g
Not yet rated.
Pão de Leite e Aveia
Otimo para cafe da manha, lanche, comer com queijo cottage e presunto ou que preferir.
Per serve - Energy: 65kcal | Carb: 6.80g | Prot: 2.93g | Fat: 2.81g
Not yet rated.
Quiche met Tomaat, Mozzarella en Basilicum
by member: tessavandenbrande
Zo gemakkelijk en lekker.
Per serve - Energy: 452kcal | Carb: 28.94g | Prot: 17.62g | Fat: 29.11g
Not yet rated.
Pumpkin Soup
by member: Snotr4
A creamy, tasty soup made only with pumpkin, garlic and onion.
Per serve - Energy: 108kcal | Carb: 19.40g | Prot: 2.53g | Fat: 3.67g
Not yet rated.
Smoothie de Frutilla
by member: isicalhoun
Este smoothie es parecido a un batido pero más sano, a base de lácteos y fruta. Ideal para consumir en el desayuno.
Per serve - Energy: 210kcal | Carb: 45.46g | Prot: 8.15g | Fat: 1.31g
Not yet rated.
Champiñones al Vapor
by member: anai-prins
Champiñones al vapor con lechuga y espinaca.
Per serve - Energy: 12kcal | Carb: 1.87g | Prot: 1.43g | Fat: 0.17g
Not yet rated.
Besbes Sfaxien
by member: daywa21
Fenouil avec couscous.
Per serve - Energy: 264kcal | Carb: 36.11g | Prot: 7.28g | Fat: 10.79g
Not yet rated.
Gâteau au Yaourt
by member: daywa21
Gâteau au yaourt facile.
Per serve - Energy: 179kcal | Carb: 27.02g | Prot: 4.21g | Fat: 6.17g
Not yet rated.
Stamppot Boerenkool met Magere Rookworst
by member: Indrakuta
Boerenkoolstamppot met rookworst is een echte winterkost recept.
Per serve - Energy: 679kcal | Carb: 73.54g | Prot: 28.45g | Fat: 31.90g
Not yet rated.
Salade Rapé
by member: daywa21
Salade de chou blanc, de carottes, et de tomate.
Per serve - Energy: 52kcal | Carb: 7.60g | Prot: 1.36g | Fat: 2.04g
Not yet rated.
Salade Mechouia
by member: daywa21
La salade méchouia s'utilise généralement froide en entrée ou comme apéritif mélangée avec du thon, des olives et des œufs. On peut également l'utiliser légèrement chauffée comme accompagnement d'une viande d'agneau ou d'un poisson grillé.
Per serve - Energy: 62kcal | Carb: 3.98g | Prot: 0.71g | Fat: 5.19g
Not yet rated.
Filet de Poulet Carottes au Cumin
by member: mllemarie
Très simple. Un vrai régal.
Per serve - Energy: 312kcal | Carb: 14.94g | Prot: 47.62g | Fat: 7.68g
Not yet rated.
Sopa de Cebolla
by member: legolasarc
Buenísima, en invierno sienta fenomenal.
Per serve - Energy: 273kcal | Carb: 23.89g | Prot: 7.75g | Fat: 16.70g
Not yet rated.
Riz à l'Iranienne
by member: bkhandani
Riz basmati au safran.
Per serve - Energy: 364kcal | Carb: 66.63g | Prot: 6.01g | Fat: 7.31g
Not yet rated.
Risoto de Abobrinha
by member: luciampo
Risotinho amarelo e verde, bom para acompanhar carnes.
Per serve - Energy: 187kcal | Carb: 30.53g | Prot: 4.73g | Fat: 3.39g
Not yet rated.
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