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Tortilla Soup
by member: marlajune
Healthy, very low calorie and tasty.
Per serve - Energy: 166kcal | Carb: 17.12g | Prot: 16.29g | Fat: 2.83g
average member ranking
Volkoren Havermuffins met Banaan en Kokos
by member: MoonSparkle
Heerlijke havermuffins met banaan en geraspte kokos.
Per serve - Energy: 181kcal | Carb: 23.12g | Prot: 3.30g | Fat: 9.04g
Not yet rated.
by member: Giu2608
Une délicieuse crêpe. A utiliser en version salé ou sucré.
Per serve - Energy: 175kcal | Carb: 23.64g | Prot: 7.86g | Fat: 5.68g
Not yet rated.
Sopa de Abobrinha
by member: deborahmartini
Rápida, fácil e pouco calórica.
Per serve - Energy: 79kcal | Carb: 3.39g | Prot: 8.28g | Fat: 4.07g
Not yet rated.
Puré de Puerro y Zanahoria
by member: jarrero
Puré de puerro, zanahoria y patata.
Per serve - Energy: 205kcal | Carb: 34.81g | Prot: 4.32g | Fat: 6.20g
Not yet rated.
Puré de Apio y Verduras
by member: Danfriend
Puré de apio con otras verduras.
Per serve - Energy: 76kcal | Carb: 11.52g | Prot: 1.59g | Fat: 3.17g
Not yet rated.
Куриные Паровые Котлеты с Грибами
by member: phate.ukr
Куриные котлеты с овощами и грибами.
Per serve - Energy: 54kcal | Carb: 2.37g | Prot: 7.05g | Fat: 1.84g
Not yet rated.
Винегрет с Крабовые Палочками
by member: nata200603
Очень вкусный салат.
Per serve - Energy: 505kcal | Carb: 88.05g | Prot: 15.02g | Fat: 12.16g
Not yet rated.
Куриное филе со Сметаной
by member: aimio
Куриное филе со сметаной в панировке из муки.
Per serve - Energy: 320kcal | Carb: 23.35g | Prot: 18.78g | Fat: 16.85g
Not yet rated.
Tagliatelle in Crosta
by member: Pasqua67
Tagliatelle al forno in crosta.
Per serve - Energy: 471kcal | Carb: 72.17g | Prot: 17.69g | Fat: 12.23g
Not yet rated.
Puré de Espinacas con Garbanzos
by member: Danfriend
Un puré de espinacas sencillo pero sabroso.
Per serve - Energy: 116kcal | Carb: 17.92g | Prot: 4.42g | Fat: 3.58g
Not yet rated.
Frittata met Courgette en Geitenkaas
by member: Challengesb
Rijk gevulde omelet met courgette.
Per serve - Energy: 300kcal | Carb: 7.99g | Prot: 20.58g | Fat: 20.71g
Not yet rated.
Protein Powder Cookie Dough Balls
by member: Bdastrup
Enjoy these tasty balls of dough with the benefit of high protein.
Per serve - Energy: 108kcal | Carb: 9.61g | Prot: 12.27g | Fat: 2.59g
Not yet rated.
Apple Rice
by member: rysia11
Warm rice with sweet cooked apples topped with fresh whipped cream and cinnamon.
Per serve - Energy: 261kcal | Carb: 57.75g | Prot: 4.63g | Fat: 1.27g
Not yet rated.
Arroz con Carrillada de Cerdo
by member: Razyel
Un suculento arroz con carrillada.
Per serve - Energy: 575kcal | Carb: 61.41g | Prot: 32.11g | Fat: 18.61g
Not yet rated.
Kip Loempia's
by member: Eplug007
Gezonde kiploempia's als hoofdmaaltijd bereid in de oven.
Per serve - Energy: 124kcal | Carb: 10.56g | Prot: 10.07g | Fat: 3.95g
Not yet rated.
Frango Salteado
by member: Maria Elisa 72
Frango salteado com cebola, pimentão vermelho e alhos.
Per serve - Energy: 331kcal | Carb: 13.42g | Prot: 38.59g | Fat: 13.26g
Not yet rated.
Turkey Pepperoni & Spinach Pizza
by member: Jessie1405
For all those pizza lovers out there a delicious turkey pepperoni and spinach pizza. Great for lunch or dinner.
Per serve - Energy: 270kcal | Carb: 23.00g | Prot: 24.50g | Fat: 12.50g
Not yet rated.
Beef and Vegetable Meat Loaf
by member: Gina333
Vegetables give moisture and extra flavour to this variation.
Per serve - Energy: 123kcal | Carb: 10.97g | Prot: 8.84g | Fat: 4.99g
Not yet rated.
Sopa Harira
by member: Danfriend
Sopa de origen norteafricano a base de legumbres. Incluye carne de cordero, pero puede hacerse sin ella sin problema y ser plato vegetariano. Hay cientos de versiones de este plato, esta es una opción entre muchas.
Per serve - Energy: 370kcal | Carb: 42.35g | Prot: 18.42g | Fat: 14.32g
Not yet rated.
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