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Broccoli Salad with Cranberries & Almonds
by member: kdl
Broccoli with dried cranberries and almonds in a creamy dressing.
Per serve - Energy: 164kcal | Carb: 14.21g | Prot: 4.71g | Fat: 11.24g
Not yet rated.
Fish Tacos
by member: skinnyliz
Sautéed seasoned tilapia that's eventually wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with vegetables.
Per serve - Energy: 255kcal | Carb: 33.45g | Prot: 23.07g | Fat: 4.93g
Not yet rated.
Chocolate Strawberry Banana Smoothie
by member: michbe1
A yummy way to get in dairy and fruit . Good for those who can't seem to eat breakfast.
Per serve - Energy: 507kcal | Carb: 105.80g | Prot: 16.06g | Fat: 3.87g
Not yet rated.
Sea Salt Edamame
by member: amandaku
Edamame is a wonderful snack food and incredibly healthy.
Per serve - Energy: 147kcal | Carb: 11.05g | Prot: 12.95g | Fat: 6.80g
Not yet rated.
by member: Selket
Delightful tiramisu that works for the South Beach diet.
Per serve - Energy: 199kcal | Carb: 31.28g | Prot: 10.85g | Fat: 4.05g
Not yet rated.
Chicken Under a Brick
by member: mojo15jl
Oven baked chicken bricks that's great for the Abs Diet.
Per serve - Energy: 526kcal | Carb: 6.90g | Prot: 55.36g | Fat: 30.53g
Not yet rated.
Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges
by member: jmortati
Delicious potato wedges.
Per serve - Energy: 66kcal | Carb: 13.13g | Prot: 1.02g | Fat: 1.17g
Not yet rated.
Baked Sweet Onion Omelet
by member: bjzebby
Easy, low calorie baked omelet that even my kids love.
Per serve - Energy: 222kcal | Carb: 11.02g | Prot: 20.75g | Fat: 10.62g
Not yet rated.
Tomato Salad
by member: stephanielynn
Juicy tomato salad with cucumbers and onions.
Per serve - Energy: 306kcal | Carb: 61.50g | Prot: 12.61g | Fat: 2.89g
Not yet rated.
Turkey and Black Bean Chili
by member: ranchwoman
A sweet turkey chili with prunes or raisins.
Per serve - Energy: 572kcal | Carb: 79.40g | Prot: 39.84g | Fat: 12.12g
Not yet rated.
Shrimp and Spinach Salad
by member: Ironic Blonde
Tasty and filing salad.
Per serve - Energy: 59kcal | Carb: 4.08g | Prot: 7.49g | Fat: 1.61g
Not yet rated.
Traditional Pancakes
by member: MoonLite
Low fat traditional pancakes alternative using skimmed milk.
Per serve - Energy: 73kcal | Carb: 12.73g | Prot: 3.47g | Fat: 0.76g
Not yet rated.
Cheese & Ham Toastie
by member: MoonLite
Grilled wholemeal pita bread filled cheddar cheese and sliced ham.
Per serve - Energy: 288kcal | Carb: 39.49g | Prot: 18.81g | Fat: 7.10g
Not yet rated.
Sweet Potato and Chilli Soup
by member: oliversgoldfish
A creamy filling soup perfect for winter.
Per serve - Energy: 255kcal | Carb: 50.71g | Prot: 5.24g | Fat: 4.68g
Not yet rated.
Dutch Apple Pancakes
by member: Selket
Really delicious pancakes.
Per serve - Energy: 162kcal | Carb: 23.65g | Prot: 10.25g | Fat: 2.94g
Not yet rated.
Unstuffed Cabbage
by member: GloKersh
A delicious recipe, even my kids ate it.
Per serve - Energy: 341kcal | Carb: 12.30g | Prot: 29.45g | Fat: 19.54g
Not yet rated.
Mock Cheesecake
by member: dwb5817
Great substitute for real cheesecake for South Beach dieters.
Per serve - Energy: 130kcal | Carb: 9.05g | Prot: 3.86g | Fat: 8.70g
Not yet rated.
Microwave Meatloaf
by member: dwb5817
Tasty meatloaf that works for Phase 2 of the South Beach diet.
Per serve - Energy: 261kcal | Carb: 11.61g | Prot: 27.69g | Fat: 10.79g
Not yet rated.
Yogurt and Berries Smoothie
by member: mrsjohnson0317
Packed with berries, this smoothie is great for breakfast.
Per serve - Energy: 156kcal | Carb: 29.75g | Prot: 9.95g | Fat: 1.04g
Not yet rated.
Crunchy Chicken Stir-Fry with Sticky Orange Sauce
by member: Lucybell33
Quick, easy and tangy Chinese-style dish.
Per serve - Energy: 534kcal | Carb: 73.72g | Prot: 32.29g | Fat: 11.56g
Not yet rated.
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