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Batido de Plátano, Avena y Semillas de Chía
by member: Leucotea84
Estupendo como postre, merienda o media mañana, saciante y sabroso.
Per serve - Energy: 324kcal | Carb: 53.20g | Prot: 9.74g | Fat: 7.80g
Not yet rated.
Overnight Chia Oatmeal
by member: FatSwatter
Overnight no-cook chia oatmeal with fruit and nuts.
Per serve - Energy: 545kcal | Carb: 78.78g | Prot: 22.50g | Fat: 19.50g
Not yet rated.
Патиссон Тушеный с Овощами
by member: burlakova1410
Такое легкое овощное рагу из тушеных патиссонов с луком и морковью можно подать к мясу или как самостоятельное блюдо.
Per serve - Energy: 106kcal | Carb: 10.80g | Prot: 0.94g | Fat: 6.98g
Not yet rated.
Капустные Оладьи
by member: Elenaalexa
Оладьи из вареной капусты с овсяными хлопьям.
Per serve - Energy: 352kcal | Carb: 37.29g | Prot: 13.46g | Fat: 17.05g
Not yet rated.
Creme de Abacate II
by member: deanascimento
Fica uma delícia, sacia e é rico em potássio e gordura saudável.
Per serve - Energy: 202kcal | Carb: 7.33g | Prot: 1.74g | Fat: 19.79g
Not yet rated.
Muffin Salgado de Frango
by member: lidiamartins
Saudável, low carb, sem farinha de trigo.
Per serve - Energy: 158kcal | Carb: 6.85g | Prot: 10.38g | Fat: 10.55g
Not yet rated.
Печень Говяжья со Сметаной
by member: Lilu8507
Тушеная печень.
Per serve - Energy: 271kcal | Carb: 13.17g | Prot: 27.22g | Fat: 11.86g
Not yet rated.
Хлеб из Цельнозерновой Муки
by member: Natality_sushka
Очень вкусный и полезный хлеб из цельнозерновой муки.
Per serve - Energy: 132kcal | Carb: 25.26g | Prot: 4.90g | Fat: 1.35g
Not yet rated.
Грибной Суп с Фунчозой
by member: Lilu8507
Очень вкусный, густой грибной суп с фунчозой.
Per serve - Energy: 124kcal | Carb: 23.69g | Prot: 2.95g | Fat: 2.60g
Not yet rated.
Паштет с Тунцом
by member: Lilu8507
Калорий мало, вкусно и сытно.
Per serve - Energy: 53kcal | Carb: 0.48g | Prot: 7.14g | Fat: 2.28g
Not yet rated.
Банановое Мороженое
by member: Kityka
Невероятно вкусно и легко приготовить.
Per serve - Energy: 277kcal | Carb: 60.42g | Prot: 6.01g | Fat: 3.92g
Not yet rated.
Лаваш с Творогом и Томатами
by member: krutblshka
Рулет или лепешка из лаваша с творогом и томатами.
Per serve - Energy: 265kcal | Carb: 48.53g | Prot: 11.00g | Fat: 2.87g
Not yet rated.
Крем Суп из Зеленого Горошка
by member: krutblshka
Интересно и вкусно.
Per serve - Energy: 137kcal | Carb: 25.91g | Prot: 5.60g | Fat: 1.67g
Not yet rated.
Salteado de Legumes com Molho de Soja
by member: Rita Luis
Muito bons e são muito fáceis de fazer.
Per serve - Energy: 141kcal | Carb: 18.15g | Prot: 3.60g | Fat: 7.19g
Not yet rated.
Colines de Garbanzos
by member: Luisamenarini
Son súper sencillos de hacer y están buenísimos.
Per serve - Energy: 288kcal | Carb: 29.86g | Prot: 9.05g | Fat: 15.61g
Not yet rated.
Protein Choklad Maräng
by member: lindfoors
Proteinberikade maränger med chokladsmak.
Per serve - Energy: 22kcal | Carb: 0.43g | Prot: 4.29g | Fat: 0.25g
Not yet rated.
Gesunde Protein Cookies
by member:
Perfekter Snack zwischendurch.
Per serve - Energy: 84kcal | Carb: 15.08g | Prot: 2.70g | Fat: 1.90g
Not yet rated.
by member: *Julice*
Délicieuses et savoureuses.
Per serve - Energy: 86kcal | Carb: 10.88g | Prot: 1.30g | Fat: 4.15g
Not yet rated.
Протеиновые Блинчики II
by member: irishka_nn
Отличная пп-замена классическим оладушкам.
Per serve - Energy: 83kcal | Carb: 7.57g | Prot: 11.17g | Fat: 0.74g
Not yet rated.
Vitamina de Abacate
by member: Jenyffer veras
Tem alto poder nutritivo e de saciedade,
Per serve - Energy: 353kcal | Carb: 6.27g | Prot: 1.00g | Fat: 37.73g
Not yet rated.
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