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The Carb Nite Solution - Low Carb member diet
I did not develop it, but the “nutshell” version from Kiefer is, he was an overweight phys...
3 Hour Diet popular diet
Jorge Cruise is a fitness/weight loss guru who was first known on the talk-show circuit wi...
sbc5025's Gluten Free Diet member diet
Gluten Intolerance can be genetically inherited.
lean protein rapid weight loss plan member diet
I got this diet from a man at work who lost 100 pounds in 5 months. he got is from a profe...
Dr Phil popular diet
Dr Phillip McGraw, a talk show host better known as Dr Phil, is a psychologist who gained ...
Intermitant Fasting member diet It's not mine.
Atkins Lifelong member diet
I have been on Atkins since 1977. I am a lifelong Atkins Dieter...and have figured out ans...
Eat Less, More member diet
I was 100Kg's when i started. I wanted to give myself a 35th birthday present so I simply ...
PaNu Paleolithic Nutrition member diet
This is based on the information available at
P90X Fat Shredder Extreme member diet
It's been a year since I created this diet and I wanted to update my thoughts on it since ...

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