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5:2 Fast Diet member diet
Started in UK and now available in the USA
Sonoma Diet popular diet
The Sonoma Diet hit the bookstores in late 2005, created by Connie Guttersen – a nutrition...
The Primal Blueprint member diet
This is based on the book by Mark Sisson, "The Primal Blueprint"
Ultrametabolism popular diet
Mark Hyman, MD, published the ultrametabolism diet in 2006 after accumulating 10 years of ...
Slimming World popular diet
Slimming World is a large weight loss organisation based in the UK. Slimming World's diet ...
Biggest Loser Diet popular diet
The Biggest Loser Club is a subscription-only weight loss program. It is based on the die...
fast weight loss member diet
I got this from my mother-in-laws doctor, who is helping her lose alot of weight. I have b...
Vegan Diet member diet
Vegetarianism, practice of eating foods from the plant kingdom. There are several types of...
My Calorie Counting Diet member diet
This came straight from my doctor!
"Dr Atkins' New Diet Revolution" (2002) member diet
Based on the Bestseller Book: DR. ATKINS´NEW DIET REVOLUTION (2002) If you're like man...

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