kingkeld's Journal, 19 June 2012

Signs of life!

Phew. Surgery is done an over with. It was a rough ride, I'm told, but of course I didn't experience much of it.

I was in surgery for 7(!) hours, and they took away 2.6 kgs, something like 5 lbs. It's quite a bit of excess skin, and I am told that it looks really nice.

I haven't seen it myself just yet, as I have spent most of the day lying on my back, and with a huge support belt around the wounds.

Yesterday, when I came out from surgery, I was super groggy. It really took a toll on me, but I recovered reasonably fast, and as long as I stayed in bed and on my back I was just fine. I had a little trouble getting out of bed, as I would get super dizzy, it was a thing with my blood circulation. However, it's been taken care of and I am now in my comfy chair next to my bed.

Right now I really feel good. I have absolutely no pains unless I move around, and I don't feel sick. I wanted to write a journal for you guys earlier, but I didn't have the strength. Well, now I do, at least for a shorter story. Well, actually, let me spend some time doing this, as I have nothing else to do, and try to recount the last days.

Wife came here at 6:30 am, so see me off. We managed to spend pretty much a full hour here before I went to the surgery floor. It was nice to have her here, and I think it was important to her to see me off. She gets very worried, and this of course has been a gigantic stress factor.

The porter came and wheeled me off in my bed, and I was put on the surgeon's floor, to wait for them to get ready.

At 8AM I was asked to walk into the room and the doctors and surgeons came to see me. We had a good talk about the whole procedure, and they started drawing all the lines on me. It was a weird feeling standing there buck naked and having them pull my skin in all kinds of directions. They kept apologizing for being hard on me, but I just told them that they should do what they needed to do to make things as good as possible, of course. Besides, as I told them, it wouldn't matter if they bruised me, as they were gonna cut if off anyways. :)

After they did all the drawings, I got the mask on, and in a moment I dozed off. Next thing I know is that I'm waking up, being wheeled into the recovery room. I remember hearing them say that the time was 2:45 PM. Leaving at 7:30 AM, that's quite a day, huh?

I was really groggy after the anestetics. They tell me that younger people (oh, how sweet to for once fit in THAT category!) and people who are fit and exercise will feel the aftermath of the anestetics more than say older or inactive people. I suffered bad. It took me a full day to be able to full recover.

Most of the time, I have had literally NO pains, very surprising and very nice, but get dizzy kind of fast. I was very determined that I wanted to get our of bed, because my back was aching. No pains from the surgery, but back aches from lying down. How weird is that?!?

Trying to get out of bed, I kept getting dizzy when I would get up, and they were afraid that I would pass out, so I was ordered back in bed. It turns out my blood numbers are a little low, but nothing to be concerned with. Getting up once more, and tapping my feet around to get the blood circulation going, and that really helped. I got past the dizziness, and now I feel much, much better.

I am right now out of bed, have been out for a few hours, and I am feeling pretty good. I still have no pains. I don't feel dizzy. Of course, I have to be careful to maneuver, as there are a LOT of scars I need to be careful with and aware of, and they hurt quite some if I'm not careful. Mostly little stings, which I guess is natural. I just see them as warnings as to when I am pushing it too far - and I may have to add that it has only happened a few times. I am trying HARD to not push myself.

So, I am not sure how much more there really is to tell.

I feel great, everything considered, and I am pretty confident about all of this. I just need to take my time recovering and it will all be okay.

I am dying to actually stand up, without my support belt, and see the final result. I know it's not gonna make me a Brad Pitt lookalike, but I do see from what I have peeked that there is a LOT LESS stomach, and I think it looks great. Once it's all prettied up and looking okay, I will make sure to show you guys some before and afters.

So, tonight I am hoping for a visit from my good friend. He was here earlier, as his sister and her boyfriend are here for their neighbor who is in surgery too (a much more severe thing, sadly cancer related) and my friend went with them to come see me. I really appreciated that, especially as it took my mind off the back aches. When you lie here and have nothing else to do, it's easy to focus on pains and aches, and I spend a lot of time doing that last night.

I had to be on my back at all times, as this is where I have the least strain on my wounds. I now have permission, though, to turn over now and then for a short while, to ease my back. It's gonna help me a lot tonight, I think. I hope for a good night's sleep, though it's hard to do here.

I'm facing several sleep issues:
First of all, as you guys already know, I generally have trouble sleeping.
Second, I always sleep on my stomach, and I have a hard time falling asleep on my back. I have tried it so many times, and all I get is a night of staring at the ceiling and at the clock.
Third, I have to sleep on my back. Since I have a weak lower back, it aches when I am on it for too long. This is especially a challenge here when it comes to sleep.

I'll manage though.

Today, I had some food. I was HUNGRY. Yesterday, I couldn't keep any of my food down, an after effect from the anestetics. However, today is much better. I have had no trouble with either breakfast, lunch or dinner. The food is even pretty good, too.

So next step is basically going home, when they doc deems me ready. I hope I can stay for a few more days, but they're talking about kicking me out tomorrow. We'll see. I'm a little leary about it, as I don't feel that I have my footing completely on maneuvering about. I have only walked very few meters, max 20, so I really have no idea about my limits just yet. I'm sure I'll work it out over the next few days while recovering.

It'll be fine.

Anyways, I am not sure how much more to write right now. I have a lot of thoughts on all this, but they're hard to get into my writing. I will try to write it all out when I am better, show some pictures and do a little more.

For the rest of the evening, I think I will start on a movie, and wait for my friend, if he comes back. I'm not sure he'll make it - it's already 7 PM. I really appreciate him coming earlier today, so it's not like I haven't had visits.

I hope this came out reasonably coherent. I have a lot to tell, and had a lot of new experiences. It's been a pleasant ride (everything considered), and my main gripes have been my trusty old back ache and simple boredom, as I wasn't able to sit with my laptop in bed, buy had to lie down.

So now I am LOVING that I have my computer, tablet, phone all within reach, so I should be good for tonight.

Today, I am thankful for:
- getting well out of surgery
- recovering beyond expectations
- wife being here yesterday, and tomorrow again.
- my friend stopping by for a talk

That's it for today, my friends. I am happy that I didn't miss a day of journaling, even if this report is in a little late. I hope you guys find it regardless. :)

Life is good!

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So good to hear from you Keld! I'm glad you are recovering well - here's to a speedy and smooth recovery! 
19 Jun 12 by member: awshucks
SO happy to hear it all went well and that you seem to be feeling great considering a 7 hour surgery! Hope you can get some sleep tonight and continue along a great path of recovery!! 
19 Jun 12 by member: Bkeller1023
Glad everything went well!! It's funny, I've never met you, but I thought about you alot yesterday and found myself checking alot today to see if you were on. Hope everything keeps going well and get the needed rest you need!! 
19 Jun 12 by member: 99nascar99
Yaaay!! So glad to hear it Keld! Can't wait for the next update!!! Take care.  
19 Jun 12 by member: Baileyrose85
great to hear it went well. rest up buddy!Love the picture goofball! 
19 Jun 12 by member: Lindsay6384
I am soooo happy that you are feeling OK. I hate lying on my back also, but one thing that helps is to elevate my legs. If they allow, try putting a few pillows under your knees. I hope your recovery goes smoothly. 
19 Jun 12 by member: saswank80
Congrats on doing so well so soon. You sound super. Hope you get some of that much needed sleep and that you get to stay in an extra night or two if you feel you need it. I am sure wifey is beside herself with joy that you are ok, more than okay. Thanks for thinking of us all and letting us know how you are doing. Big Hugs.  
19 Jun 12 by member: sarahsmum
PS: I too love the pic, you look great! 
19 Jun 12 by member: sarahsmum
LOVE the picture... thoughts to you for continued recovery! 
19 Jun 12 by member: thynes
Awesome!! It's great to hear from you so soon after surgery. 
19 Jun 12 by member: Shanelle05
YAY! I was thinkin about you yesterday! Glad to hear you're doing well :) 
19 Jun 12 by member: bmccrary
Glad everything went well and you are not in pain. You sound like a star patient. I doubt they want to get rid of you so soon.  
19 Jun 12 by member: tglenna
be glad to get out of there sooner rather than my doc hubby says...those germs in there will kill ya! 
19 Jun 12 by member: JenKatja
Yay.... I kept checking to see if youhad been on.. WOW 7 hours - that's a long time.... Glad you are out of surgery and feeling reasonably OK.... Enjoy your film :-). Looking forward to hearing from you again x 
19 Jun 12 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Totally wonderful!! Glad you are doing well!!  
19 Jun 12 by member: bvallet
Glad you doing great! I wish you a fast and healthy recovery!!!! 
19 Jun 12 by member: jessabridge4444
glad you're well. listen to your body and don't try to push it too much. surgery is a huge deal and needs proper rest and recovery. :) I know after mine I was nauseous too, didn't vomit, but based on how bad coughing hurt I can only imagine that would be insanely bad, possibly stitches tearing. adjusting to back sleeping = awful! What are you closed with? staples, dissolving internal stitches, steri-strips? And did you have the ab muscle repair (suturing back together seperated muscles)? 
19 Jun 12 by member: JessWhatINeeded
Glad to hear that you are doing well. Your goofy picture made me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Healing hugs to you! 
19 Jun 12 by member: Prescat7
Good to hear that you are doing well- take care of yourself!  
19 Jun 12 by member: wassonc
You look fantastic! Glad it all went well, and hopefully you'll be up and about ready to go home in a day or two! Love the pic! 
19 Jun 12 by member: ctlss


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