kingkeld's Journal, 18 June 2012

Good morning, friends!

So, today is the BIG day.

Today is the day where I have my skin removal surgery. It's essentially the FINAL day in my weight loss journey. Then all that I have left is recovery and of course maintenance.

It's funny how I (we?) keep throwing that word "final" around. It's never over and I know it, but it's the end of a chapter and that is all. There is plenty to do afterwards, working hard on maintaining my weight, recovering from the surgery and then, eventually, building muscle.

I see photos here on FS of other users, like grblblch, and they look awesome, trim and fit and muscular with six packs and all.

Honestly, I don't see myself like that at all, and I don't really think Wife does either. I would probably be able to do it, but will I be willing to put in the effort that it'd take? I doubt it. I do, however, want to be more fit than I am, look better than I do, and feel greater than I do. Those are high demands, as I have never looked better, been more fit or felt better than I do today. And after the surgery the looks will already have an upgrade.

The surgery I'm having done is what they call a 360 degree belt lipectomy (or something like that).

They will essentially cut out a belt of loose skin out of me, it's all the way around my body, and should from what I understand include a (needed) lift of the butt cheeks, tightening of muscles around my stomach, and removal of all the belly skin and skin around pelvis that is simply ugly and loose by now.

It's quite remarkable, how much skin is there, even if they doctors say it has retracted a lot on its own. Supposedly, some people have it a LOT worse than this. I wonder what did it to me - I assume that I am not anything special when it comes to neither skin flexibility or weight loss.

Maybe it's simply because I did it the good old fashinoned way and not by surgery as I think the hospitals see more often? I don't know.

It's good to know, though, that it's retracted better than what they normally see. I hope this will mean that it will adjust better post surgery too. One can always hope, right?

I slept reasonably well, considering that I am in a two bed room with this old dude who seems to fart a lot in his sleep. I'm glad that it's a well ventilated and fairly large room. :)

The bed is okay, but takes a little getting used to. I'm such a creature of habit, and it's difficult for me to sleep in a strange bed. Also, it's weird to spend the night here and not have Wife by my side. I know she has the same problem.

She'll be here soon, though. She's been insisting on being at the hospital for the time when I am "under". She's getting on the bus in 14 minutes - probably walking there as I type this. I can't wait to see her, I miss her like crazy.

She should be here just around 6:30 am, and they are gonna take me away around 7:30, so we will have a little time together. I like that, and I hope it will give her some comfort. She's VERY nervous about the whole surgery thing.

It'll be fine though. I have no doubt about that. There is only one hospital here in Denmark that actually performs this surgery, and they don't out source it to any other hospital, not even the private ones, because they want to ensure that it's done right. I think this is very comforting, as I then can be sure that it's the nation's finest surgeons that will be doing it. :) I like that.

So, in about three hours I will be with the surgeons, and maybe even already knocked out.

I am very curious about waking up. How will I feel? What amount of pain will I have? How long will the drugs last? What pain medication will I have access to after? What will the dos and don'ts afterwards be? How long before I go back to work? And, of course, how will it all look?

Today, I am thankful for:
- Wife getting on the bus at 4:50 AM just to be with me. It just once again proves that I married the right one. :)
- Surgery! FINALLY!
- All the nice people here at the hospital getting me situated.

I will see you guys on the other side of surgery.

Life is good!

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Congrats and here's to recovery!!! 
17 Jun 12 by member: bvallet
I am so happy for you KingKeld as you make this last big leap on your journey. As you say, it never really ends, but I have a feeling you have "arrived". This surgery and your healing are affirmations of all the dedication and hard work you put into your wellness. I can't wait to hear that you are feeling groovy and ready to enjoy all that you have achieved. Every great wish for speedy healing and, as always, thanks for all you share here with us! 
17 Jun 12 by member: joyfulgirl
I wish you and your dear wife the best best best day, results, and beautiful life in your future. Remember Keld, You are ALREADY beautiful - surgery is just the little extra piece! Rock On, Dude! 
17 Jun 12 by member: HCB
Exciting! You surely do deserve this. Again, hope all goes as planned and speedy recovery afterward. 
17 Jun 12 by member: pkgardner
Wow wow wow, I can't believe it's almost time! Hope your time in surgery passes quickly for your wife - can't wait to hear from you afterwards!! 
17 Jun 12 by member: erika2633
Best wishes to you with your surgery Keld, I appreciate you sharing this step of your journey here! You know those of us who have lost or are trying to lose upwards of 75 lbs have considered that plastics may be necessary at some point, so your experience will be valuable to many of us. Wishing you a speedy recovery!!! 
17 Jun 12 by member: kstubblefield
All our highest wishes and prayers go up for you, kingkeld! We will be anxiously waiting to hear from you after! You will be drugged up pretty good, I'm guessing, so your first posting may not make as much sense as you think it does at the time LOL :-) ((((HUGS)))) 
17 Jun 12 by member: Baxie
17 Jun 12 by member: ferlengheti
LOL, Baxie. I will try to be relatively coherent when I journal. No promises, though. Once I am done with this part of the journey, I will make longer, more detailed posting with some photos and stuff... I do think it's important to log what's happening in this part of the journey. I have tried to find sites with information, but there is very little of it out there, and I'd be happy to help others who are considering this, to help them figure out what it's all about and whether it's for them or not.  
17 Jun 12 by member: kingkeld
Good luck Buddy! 
17 Jun 12 by member: posterchild66
You're a great man, Keld.. 
17 Jun 12 by member: erika2633
Can't wait for you to finish this chapter and start on another :-) .... Speedy recover dear old Kingkeld xx 
18 Jun 12 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Kngkeld, all the best for today!!! I had put a little note in my calendar to remember this. So all day your name will be flashing so now and again I'll have a thought for you.  
18 Jun 12 by member: Maheva
Of course there are many of us who have you, and the Wife and the surgeons in our hearts and minds today! Sending lots of good wishes from all over the world to you.  
18 Jun 12 by member: Owsley
Exciting day. Good luck and here's to a smooth recovery. 
18 Jun 12 by member: mlb98
Not sure of time differences King, it may already by over by now. Speedy recovery wishes coming your way. Thank goodness for a wonderful surgeon and a wonderful wife. Can't wait to hear how you are doing.  
18 Jun 12 by member: sarahsmum
Good luck! It's smooth sailing from here. 
18 Jun 12 by member: Shanelle05
Good Luck!! And a speedy recovery! 
18 Jun 12 by member: Tarla
Hope surgery went well and wishing you a speedy recovery! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. It means a lot and helps so many of us out here in cyberspace. Hugs and happy thoughts to you! 
18 Jun 12 by member: tglenna
I'm late today so by now your surgery will be over - praying everything went as well and as smoothly as possible. 
18 Jun 12 by member: Earthlady


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