DairyKing's Journal, 19 May 2012

Well, Friends, I'm embarrassed to say I blew it. I felt so good after warming up, that I broke the cardinal rule and went out too fast. Did something I've never done in a 5K - walked! Started out at abbout 8:30 pace for 1st mile, and couldn't maint-n it. By mile 2, shin muscles were starting to strain, on the verge of cramping. Sine I knew I'd have to run a 6:00 mile to even make my goal of 29:30, I just gave up and walke and jogged. Finished up on a huge hill that went up for about 4 blocks. Ran the last half of it, and about another 1/2 mile to finidh line. Finished up around 35:00. Once I blew it, I wasn't going to kill myself, and be miserable on my drive to Cleveland. Very disappointed; rules out the 15K next month. Too much more training needed. C ya!
Writing this on my Blackberry, so may look a little funny.
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You didn't blow it. You did it! You went out to do a 5K and you did it. Get that mindset out of your head and remind yourself how many people didn't sign up for it, how many people didn't show up for it, how many people didn't finish. You did it and we are very proud. Enjoy your weekend and tell everyone you ran a 5k this weekend. :D 
19 May 12 by member: M.Trublu
You did not blow it. You were there, competed, and even finished the race. That is winning on so many levels! 
19 May 12 by member: BuffyBear
You did great. You didn't give up and kept going. This was a practice for your later races. Good job DK.  
19 May 12 by member: petuniak
Blow it? Hardly...any person who gets up to run at 3:45AM is dedicated! YOU win. 
19 May 12 by member: HCB
What ARE you talking abou, DK? You ran and you finished the race. You did GREAT! I am so proud of you. You rock. Please don't be so hard on yourself over a few minutes in time trial. You did great. I'll check in with you later. 
19 May 12 by member: Helewis
You did fine DK! You finished! My only 5K was me running the whole time, and I think ~ 45 minutes, lol. I had to "push" at the end to beat a fast walker. So you did good. 
19 May 12 by member: posterchild66
It's a the Preakness today in horseracing. I just wrote something about the job of jockeys in sometimes holding the horse back a bit. Sounds like you coulda used one. You live, you learn, you try again. Sucks you didn't reach your time goal, but you like that motivational sign says "you lapped everyone on the couch" You aren't slow by anymeans. Hope you have a good visit with the old friend. 
19 May 12 by member: JessWhatINeeded
Thanks; you guys are awesome! You're so good at encouraging, you ought to get paid for it. I just felt so bad. I tried to be too scientific; I had a GPS on one arm and the polar heart monitor on the other. I tried to keep pace by my GPS, and it would say 4.5 mph one moment and then 7.0 mph another. I have never raced with either one before. I should have just gone out there with my watch, ran a comfortable 1st mile - like my Buddy Ryan suggested - and take it from there. The GPS wasn't updating fast enough for me to be adjusting my pace up and down in response to it. It would probably be OK for me to wear it, just for the recording feature, but I am suspecting that something like a nike+, that doesn't require satellite communications, might have been better for pace setting. However, I probably would have done much better, just going out easy and opening up as I got closer to the finish line. I certainly would have had more left. Who would think that I would still be figuring this stuff out at my age. :) Funny thing is, my time was slower than the practice runs I do all the time at 3 and 4 miles. I got a little too cocky; I just figured if I have been working out at a 6.5 mph pace, the rush of the race would allow me to step up my game a bit. Well, again, too much , too soon bit someone in the a$$ - and it was yours truly! I've got to do more training at recognizing the pace at which I'm running, and maintaining a steady pace. Anyway, I'll live. Although it was very frustrating, and my legs do ache a bit, I did back off, and I am going to be a lot more comfortable driving to Cleveland tomorrow. Thanks again, Buddies! 
19 May 12 by member: DairyKing
Great job finishing the race! Now you know, and knowledge is power! 
19 May 12 by member: jessabridge4444
What are you using for GPS? I have my BlackBerry which is a 9900 and use the Endomondo app, never had issues with it. It has a "coach" that will let you know your last km/mile and what your total is at each time you hit your km/mile. I've used it for nearly a year now and 99% of the time, it's right on. Wear it on my arm in an arm band. And btw, great race. Live and learn from your mistakes and go to the next one knowing what you need to do.  
19 May 12 by member: skong
Hindsight is 20/20.. :) Great job anyway, even if you had to learn a tough lesson! Sounds like good motivation to get signed up for a couple more races later on this summer. Drive safe and enjoy your time in Cleveland as much as you can.. thinking of you and your 'brother'.. make it count.  
19 May 12 by member: erika2633
Dk, I think you did a fantastic job! You trained, you ran, you competed, and you finished! To me that is a win all the way 'round! Enjoy your visit with your friend in Cleveland...drive safely.  
19 May 12 by member: ctlss
Hey DKing..if you finished you didn't blow it..if you woulda walked off and got in your car and left..then you woulda blew it..your my hero for even doing it..Hope your visit with your brother from another mother goes well...Besafe...:O) 
19 May 12 by member: BHA
You should not be embarassed at all! Too bad you didn't have a bunch of stupid people at your race to slow ya down at the start ;) Still, such an awesome job. There are so many people who would just LOVE to have a time like that. Feel proud! Enjoy your trip and the visit!! 
19 May 12 by member: Bkeller1023
so proud of u for all the hard work u put into this one event.u didnt fail becuz u went and tried. 
20 May 12 by member: rockytu
Fantastic.... Let's face it DK, you did more than 90% of the population. A couple of months ago, when was going to my spin class, I said to one the other participants.... I really bummed out today and didn't do very well - they said, "you've done more than 90% of the population - you only have to walk around the supermarket to realise that!! And do ou know what - he was right. You have run/walked 5K.... Which is more than 90 if not 95% of the population - celebrate that. Ok... I know you wanted to "beat" your target of "x" no of minutes - BUT - why are you doing this? I'm guessing to be fitter, healthier and live an active fulfilled life - you ARE achieving this ..... Your just competitive with yourself - get it into perspective .... And enjoy the fact that you can walk, jog and run - because you are "making the effort". So..... WELL DONE.... :-) 
20 May 12 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
By the way DK... I hope you had a lovely visit with your "brother".... It's a sad time, but I hope you getthe most out of this visit, as you possibly can xx 
20 May 12 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
You need a race that starts at 2:30 in the morning....your body isn't used to running with the sun up!!  
22 May 12 by member: Rpalmst
No more 'science' about it... you went and did it, didn't give up, and all the will power you have to get out of bed before the asscrack of dawn, I can exercise, but I'll be damned if I can get my ass up before 6:30. Just isn't happening! You are an inspiration with your sheer will! Maybe not a 15k in your future, but just keep going and you'll get there! Have a great week, DK! 
22 May 12 by member: ZippyDani
Ditto on what everyone else said!!!!! You did more than alot of us...myself included. You should learn from it BUT first and foremost...be PROUD of yourself....WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!!!!!! 
22 May 12 by member: JazzyOwl


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