cynda's Journal, 09 July 2017

I didn't workout on the weekend,.
Letting my body rest and heal..
Back at it Monday morning..
Is anyone else having trouble with the send button hiding under the comment box??
If I don't answer back it's because of that problem..
Sometimes I forget that I can't just jump up and walk..
And I dream about being able to walk again,..
I use to walk six miles,..
Since the car accident I can bearly walk across the room..
I'm not given up, I will get there..
My goals track what I eat better..
I went from holding onto the walker and walking in place from five steps to 110..okay it did take about three months to get that much,.. but again I'm not given up..
Sugar diabetes will not stop me..
Heart murmur and beating to fast will not stop me..
Bad o2/oxygen will not stop me..
Ashtms will not stop me..
FabromyalGia will not stop me..
Being tired all the time will not stop me..
Okay migrain will stop me in my tracks..
Oh great now I forgot what I was saying..
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Hi Cynda..I do not k,ow you, but I hope my concern helps in some way. SO,T GIVE UP! If you can get to a naturopathic do tor, please do. They can help with your GERD, asthma, etc., us I,f natural methods and nutrition. Also, th e diabetes. Tryng to go from 2000calls a day to 800 is unrealistic for your doctor to tell you. A little at a time will grant you more success. I ampre-diabetic and it's taken me over a year to get to a decent carb level. I keep try I,f and don't beat myself up if I "fall off the wagon.". Off you are inclined, then pray for God to help you with your struggle.. The exercise you can do is better than none at all. Little by little you will reach your goals. 
10 Jul 17 by member: Umm Atiyya
Sorry for all the typos! 
10 Jul 17 by member: Umm Atiyya


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