jsfantome's Journal, 05 January 2017

"Oh, I get it... we are changing our lifestyle" - says my husband when he opens the refrigerator door!!! "YUP!" xoxo

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Yea....They'll figure it out! When we first started (11 months ago), I was with my 5yo grandson at the store. He wanted a donut and I didn't, He said "Why papa?" I said sugar is no good for me right now. He stated VERY loudly "Well, I like sugar!" The whole store was rolling! Now he's always digging in the fridge for something of "ours" to eat! It is a change, for the better! Good Job! They learn from osmosis! That's what I tell others. Don't let your family control food, you buy it, cook it, all they gotta do is eat it! Better for all! 
05 Jan 17 by member: rontravis
He is actually incredibly supportive - just wondered how long it would take for him to figure it out... 4 days! 
05 Jan 17 by member: jsfantome
Ah yes, the beauty of eating right. My boys were addicted to processed food. When I started buying organic and preparing meals form real ingredients instead of boxes, they didn't seem to notice. However, if they eat at someone else's house that does prepare processed foods, they don't like it! And they refuse to drink milk that isn't raw milk! 
05 Jan 17 by member: e-commerceunleashed
05 Jan 17 by member: iulani
To open my refrigerator and pantry today vs. five yrs. ago is day and night. Since we have switched to whole foods, no preservatives, no sugar, salt, enriched flours, pasta or rice, etc diet...we not only feel better but look healthier. Bruce's cancer diet restricts eating out due to food ingredients and no microwave so I was wondering the other day...how differently will things taste when we are able to do so?  
05 Jan 17 by member: 2227Gwen
A LOT Different, Gwen - I'm sure!!! xoxo 
06 Jan 17 by member: jsfantome


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