Tulipgirl6's Journal, 13 December 2013

So, I've lost 25 pounds since I started. Not bad but so much to go. Today I am so hungry I could eat the house. But I am sitting here with my yogurt and tea . . . . The end result seems so far away, it doesn't seem like it could happen. And I see so many people who lose so much weight but can't keep it off. All that hard work for nothing! I've committed to a a year with the nutritionist, and 48 sessions with a trainer. Not sure I agree with everything they preach or their methods, but I need the support and these people are like healers. It's like a partnership to recover, and I need that. Never mind that I am paying them to give a sh*t about me. So, I'm sipping my tea, having my yogurt. 25 pounds.

Diet Calendar Entries for 13 December 2013:
1482 kcal Fat: 59.09g | Prot: 119.12g | Carb: 122.23g.   Breakfast: Damascus Bakeries Flax Roll-Ups, Tnuva Cheese Bites, Egg, Scallions or Spring Onions, Egg White, Tomatoes, Luna Luna Protein Bar - Mint Chocolate Chip. Lunch: Publix Green Bell Pepper, Cucumber (with Peel), Tomatoes, The Biggest Loser Celery Sticks, Chicken Breast, White Potatoes (Flesh and Skin), Chicken Breast, Cooked Dry White Beans, Ground Beef (90% Lean / 10% Fat), Canola Vegetable Oil. Dinner: Beef, White Rice, Chicken Breast, Trader Joe's Pomegranate Seeds. Snacks/Other: Siggi's Icelandic Style Skyr Non-fat Yogurt - Peach, Kirkland Signature Fruit & Nut Medley. more...
2534 kcal Activities & Exercise: Bicycling (moderate) - 13/mph - 45 minutes, Resting - 15 hours and 15 minutes, Sleeping - 8 hours. more...
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Your Siggi's fat free yoghurt has a ton of sugar :-( Fat free and low fat products are a leading cause of obesity. Type it into google and you will see! 
13 Dec 13 by member: LowCarbFemmeFit
Congrats! 25 lbs is a great accomplishment -- good for you! And so wise to have a team supporting you. I've been working with a health coach, which I too have found invaluable. Take from them what works for you... One day or meal or bite at a time! 
13 Dec 13 by member: Ruhu
Hi Femme, do we know each other? thanks for the advice and I'd love to read any articles you want to recommend; siggi's is something I treat myself to once in a while because I really like it! fyi all dairy products have sugar in them. And did you know a high fat diet can increase your probability of your weight yo-yoing in the long run and the chance of having a heart attack?  
13 Dec 13 by member: Tulipgirl6
Thanks Ruhu! It just occurred to me today that I'm at -25!!!! So many differing opinions on diet and exercise! My mini goal is to lose another 5 pounds right now! 
13 Dec 13 by member: Tulipgirl6
Great job on the weight loss, keep up the good work and don't be to hard on yourself...I only wish I could loose 25 pounds..I lost four and now have gained three back. Ick! Hang in there.  
13 Dec 13 by member: determined lady
Thanks determined lady! That is my biggest fear that it's all going to come back! Hang in there! You can do it! 
13 Dec 13 by member: Tulipgirl6
Hello dear, thank you for your support too...I need support probably more than anyone, I have such a issue with the exercise part of loosing weight, I get discouraged very easy when I exercise and don't have any results..but on the flipside of that is when I don't see results then I don't make a big effort to keep doing it. I know it takes patience persistence and perseverance at which I don't do very well with any of the three. :-) 
13 Dec 13 by member: determined lady
Hey Determined Lady: It takes a long time! Just go with a plan and stick to it whatever it is, and be patient! I know with me it took ten years to put on all this weight and I want to lose it right away! I am also using a lot of support and suggestions from professional; I think that really helps. Just as your name says, I hope you'll be determined and see positive results! You are on the right track! 
13 Dec 13 by member: Tulipgirl6
Hi Tulip I don't think we know each other? With regards to your comments I agree that most dairy products have sugar in them but the very processed ones have way more sugar added, along with additives and colourants etc...Unfortunately I have to disagree with your last comment about high fat diets causing yo yo in the long run or heart attacks. That "saturated fat artery clogging" myth has been blown way out of the water long time ago. There has been more and more evidence that the way our great grandparents was extremely healthy. They used to make their own butter, cook with lard, drink full cream milk, eating processed foods in a restaurant was unheard of, their diets were natural, and guess what they lived to a very ripe old age....while eating farm fresh BUTTER...but yet look around you, in modern society, the ppl who cut out good fat are actually fatter than ever. The leading cause of heart attacks is CARBS and SUGAR NOT fat. Unfortunately FatSecret won't allow me to post links but if you research it online, you will find studies, evidence and facts that will give you the info. I find Dr Mercola to be a good source. Good Luck! 
14 Dec 13 by member: LowCarbFemmeFit
No exercise routine, no hunger, 56 years old with a mostly sedentary lifestyle due to job and 33lbs down since 24th Aug. I tried to tell you about low carbing. It is your choice to make but LowCarbFemmeFit is spot on. Most practitioners and many nutritionists cling to outdated research which has now been disproved. I sent you some links in the past, but there is tons of evidence out there to Google to disprove what you are being told. Mjgh06 has tons of reading she sent me. Have a chat with her. One smart cookie (low carb cookie of course!).  
14 Dec 13 by member: Crystalwitch4
Listen, Femme, you can keep your negative comments to yourself, or post them in your own journal. Please get back to me after you lose 25 pounds or inches, or, at least after you start churning your own butter, and making fresh mayonnaise, and dairy products. Maybe you're just excited to share your diet with other people, but what works for you does not fit into my lifestyle and belief system. I'm not even sure it works for you. You're profile says you are gaining 1.8 pounds a week. Additionally, you negate what you yourself say with what you eat: for example, Hellman's Mayo is very processed and has sugar, additives, colorants, preservatives added to it, while the siggi's yogurt that I treated myself to has only 3 ingredients. And yes, MJ knows what she is talking about and it works great for her, but I don't eat lard and am not about to start. . . . . Thanks for the readings and advice! But, it's one thing to give advice when someone asks for it, and another to butt in and push it on people! 
15 Dec 13 by member: Tulipgirl6
Tulipgirl6 if you don't want ppl to post comments on your journal you are more than welcome to choose the option that does not allow it. You will find it under "My Profile" People "butt" in and give their opinions and thoughts anywhere and everywhere on the internet. Its how we deal with those remarks that make all the difference. I was merely pointing out to you that your yoghurt has a fair amount of sugar (something we all need to avoid if our goal is a slim healthy body). I understand it is an occasional treat so is my Hellmans. If you had read my bio you would have seen that I am trying to reduce processed foods. I am not perfect, by any stretch of imagination, and never claimed to be and no I have no time or desire to produce my own dairy products. Are you retaliating in this manner because I disputed your heart attack theory? Just for the record I had actually lost 44lbs and had an emotional set back 3 months ago which resulting in emotional eating and a gradual weight gain of 8.8lbs. Its been a battle ever since but I am determined and I won't give up. You are very much at the honeymoon phase of your weight loss. In the beginning the weight falls off easily but mark my words the closer you get to your goal the harder and more challenging it becomes. I understand that works for myself, crystalwitch and mj might not work for you but I do believe ppl are genuinely trying to help or at at the very least give you a bit of food for thought - even if you disagree. I now consider this matter closed and wish you the very best in your goals and aspirations.  
16 Dec 13 by member: LowCarbFemmeFit
Not wanting to fuel this fire, but I myself have read some of these articles and agree to a point that people back in the day did live longer healthier lifestyles while eating very unhealthy fats (Trans. Fat)but they also lead more productive lives; therefore, burning thousands upon thousands of calories (far more than they ate) back then also. Hense, plowing their gardens with a horse not a tractor, walking miles upon miles to visit family or to even purchase flour & sugar from the general store. They worked harder than any of us now days, growing & raising every piece of food. I grew up on a farm and believe me I did nothing compared to what my grandmother had to do when she was growing up. We have cars to get the store, buses to take us to school, and our near us neighbor is just across the road. So yes, there was less processed foods back then but ten times the exercise a normal person can work into their schedules today. If you've ever watched biggest loser, they too will explain that the contestants are working out up to 6 hours in a day in order to loss the weight at the rate they are; whereas, in reality the average person is lucky to get in an hour. So, lets not fight about how each other eats or the views & opinions they share; lets just loss this weight in the manner that suits us & support each other in the process!  
16 Dec 13 by member: onefatmamma
thanks femme & fatmamma; I do think the problem is from all the processed foods. regardless of what we do, I think if we eliminate the processed stuff, we're on the right track! good luck to all  
18 Dec 13 by member: Tulipgirl6
I'm seriously impressed, gurl-friend! 25 pounds in 2 months? wowzers. Keep it up....  
18 Dec 13 by member: Sweet Ce
Thanks for the buddy add. :) Congrats on your recent 2 lbs but a big congrats on the 25 lbs total! That is totally awesome! Eating whole foods and non-processed foods is what I strive for, too. I have gotten so I enjoy my own cooking rather than eating out. *shocked I just said that, too*  
18 Dec 13 by member: Mom2Boxers
thanks sweet ce! i wish i could keep the pace!  
19 Dec 13 by member: Tulipgirl6
thanks mom2boxers! do you have any good recipes by any chance?  
19 Dec 13 by member: Tulipgirl6
What kinds of recipes are you looking for Tulipgirl? I might suggest you do what I do ... google what kind of food I want to make (say for instance a slow cooker chicken recipe) and then find the one that uses whole foods and no sugar or grains. If the ingredients are something I have on hand, I give it a try. LOL! 
19 Dec 13 by member: Mom2Boxers
I don't know I keep buying new vegetables to try and I even search for recipes online but they don't come out so great! (Maybe it's because I modify the recipes)! I guess I'm looking for hearty no-carb veggie recipes .. Lately I can't even make a good soup! I guess veggies taste better to me raw, or sauteed . . . . I just want to feel full after I eat, that really satisfied happy I just ate a lot carbs kind of full. I miss that. No matter how much vegetables I eat, I can't get that . . . . 
19 Dec 13 by member: Tulipgirl6


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