indigo70's Journal, 31 October 2013

Most Diets Completely Suck.

They're mono-diets. Eat all of X - not YZ ever. These sorts of diets always work whether its all vegies, all fruit, all eggs, all meat, all soy isolate, etc. They work feel me?

But God they're terrible.

Sooner or later your body is like, "hey I need some fruit" and you're like, "SHUT UP FATTY - EAT THIS EGG" -- but really you do need fruit. You need variety of foods to operate your body effectively.

So then I'm thinking - calorie restriction. I've been on weight watchers and all that.

My problem is I need fat to operate. Something about it - it totally effects my mood and days without it and I will literally start to get into fights with total strangers. It gets ugly. But fat is calorie dense and throws off my calories for the day in a big way.

So maybe I need a Paleo or Atkins sort of diet so I can eat bacon and be a nicer person, but then they want you to give up all carbs.


I just want to be able to eat again like I used to - graze like a normal animal and not be burdened with weight.

I lost four pounds this month. All that going without food for four pounds.

I hate this whole thing. Hate it. I don't want to live on eggs all day long or shakes. :( :( :( :(
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I feel your pain, I have been on Atkins, HCG, my own diet and they are good for a while. I have joined Nutrie, they have a whole support system in place. I am getting my products for free now they have a 3 for Free program. This is not a quick fix it is a lifestyle, support system that works. Let me know if you are interested.  
31 Oct 13 by member: trailridenlady
I do WW but with a modified Atkins. I eat bacon and get my fat from peanut butter and avocados. You get 49 extra points a week on WW to help with any extra's you may want. Not all fat is good. Maybe try carb cycling where you can eat higher fat and carbs on one day and lower the next. Find the foods that work for you. You may just need to watch your portions. And 4 pounds is wonderful. You keep doing that you will be down almost 50 pounds in a year. Keep trying different things till you find what makes you happy and works. A diet needs to be sustainable for life in order to keep it off when you get to goal. 
31 Oct 13 by member: Suzi161
Yes for sure I am sticking with this one. Free products, Free support system, , free webinars, prizes and I feel great. Kim Lyons from the biggest loser help design this program. Keep me posted. I put you in as a friend request.  
31 Oct 13 by member: trailridenlady
Dont like mono dieting? Me either! I do what bodybuilders do...its called Macromanipulation. You do not count calories, 'cuz thats just stupid. You change what you eat from day to day based on the 7 P's Proper prior planning. You eat based on your goals and what activities you will be doing for the day. You eat 5-6 meals per day to control cravings. Above all else, pair a good clean diet with constant variable exercise, keep your body guessing to keep your metabolism burning fat. Don't drop carbs to nothing for 6 months straight and expect lasting results, dont drop fat for 6 months and expect lasting change.  
31 Oct 13 by member: chadlius88
So how is it working? When do you expect to reach your goal weight? Your funny saying grazing like a normal animal, I have horses and that is all they do, but it is just grass kinda boring. Ha Ha  
31 Oct 13 by member: trailridenlady
I bought some books today - probably worthless and another $50 down the drain but it was some kind of CBT brain training. Anyway - did I mention that I'm on medication that effects my weight? Like it's NOTORIOUSLY EVIL? EVIL. But - I can't live without it so I'm stuck. My kidneys are kinda wrecked too. The Macro diet I know about from my body building friends who are way into it. They also despise my running cardio freakishness. I run everyday. How do you stay fat and run everyday? Well if you take the drugs I'm on, are about 40, and works people. :-) Thanks for the responses. Thanks for the friends requests, I can't figure out how to friend anyone yet.  
31 Oct 13 by member: indigo70
The medication isnt a boulder in the road, its just a long line of traffic. It makes things slower and more difficult, not impossible. You just have to eat right! Heavy Cardio is perfectly fine if you arent worried about muscle loss. weight training and cardio pose equal risk to joints, so no real comparison there. 
31 Oct 13 by member: chadlius88


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