FullaBella's Journal, 23 July 2013

Alrighty - Rollercoaster Recovery Take #2 - Action! Rib-eye steak pan fried in butter with sliced fresh tomato and some asiago cheese for breakfast. I'm hoping the extra fat not only makes me bullet-proof but fork proof.

Yesterday was an 'off the rails complete with falling into the quicksand pit of gelato' FAIL. While my legs are my most muscular feature the strength was all in my right arm last night when I ate far too much dinner - beyond full. I haven't felt that uncomfortable in a long time nor do I wish to do so anytime again soon. So, here we go again.

So have any of you been to college lately? It's been over 20+ years for me but the Fall schedule for the local Junior college came in the paper Sunday and peaked my interest.

There's an art appreciation class and the schedule would fit perfect with running the shop and taking care of DH. I have no desire to get yet another freaking degree but I've always wanted to learn just enough art to carry on a mildly snooty conversation in mixed company.

Sure, I could read a book or take a course online but I am obviously craving the live interaction of a classroom. I spend far too much time online now. Much like when I try to share conversations or experiences from here out loud... I end up feeling like that girl who began every sentence with, "There was this one time... in Band Camp..."

However, it seems a vaccination for meningitis is required and I refuse to get one. I've never had a flu or pneumonia shot and I never get the flu or pneumonia yet everyone I know who does get's it. Last year I had 3 friends get the meningitis shot and they ended up in the hospital being treated for ... yup... meningitis. Color me paranoid but I'm not getting it. So there.

So to get beyond the admissions office I'm going to have to buy a 'proof of vaccination' off the street I guess. This morning I played out a 'movie like' scenario in my head where I slap a $100 bill on the counter saying 'yup, here it is, signed by my physician, Dr. Franklin'. I practiced it in my best Joe Pesci voice. Maybe I should check out the drama course while I'm at it.

Otherwise, I may just 'crash' a couple of classes to see how long they let me stick around to 'audit' before they alert security. If it's anything like our local mall security the day I tried to turn in the money I found... I'd probably finish with an Associates degree.

Y'all have a good day now, ya hear?



I would be willing to bet that if you spoke to the individual that runs the admissions office they'd be willing to waive the meningitis requirement-you are, after all, an adult, with good personal hygiene habits, and you already care for someone with immune impairment. It's inadvisable for you to expose either of you to any form of meningitis. Younger folks just in college tend to engage in questionable behavior which can result in contracting illness. You are unlikely to be chugging beer out of a communal beer bong.  
23 Jul 13 by member: CollyMP
You have such a wonderful, slightly sarcastic sense of humore, I just love it! I really enjoyed reading this journal entry. I think taking an art appreciation class sounds like a wonderful fit for you! I hope you can get past that meningitis shot requirement...I wouldn't get that, myself. :/  
23 Jul 13 by member: RavenSoul69
*humor I hate that I can't fix typos in a response! 
23 Jul 13 by member: RavenSoul69
You are actually required to get a meningitis shot!!! Wow! Is this a problem in your area? What state are you in? (of course, if you don't mind me asking...)  
23 Jul 13 by member: NowIunderstand
Afternoon Bella - I was 'off' this morning before I saw your comment/question. The game we play is Skipbo - it has its own set of cards, 1 thru 10 with these skipbo cards, like jokers or wild cards. Very simple but took us a while to learn. We love it because it is so simple, and we can 'cheat' or fudge things and it always comes out okay. I cheat like crazy to try to let mum win because I am very lucky at that game and she gets tired of me winning all the time. Do you know how hard it is to cheat to lose? LOL.  
23 Jul 13 by member: sarahsmum
Love Skipbo!  
23 Jul 13 by member: NowIunderstand
I have a dr's note in hand... bet that dr would write you a proof of meningitis vaccination note too! I think taking an art appreciation class sounds like a great idea. Go for it... with a Dr. Bella's note or one bought off the street! As we've both said many, many times, my dear friend, 1 day at a time... or maybe this time it's one roller coaster at a time?!? Sounds like you're already off it to me and on to the amusement park rides more suited to you! xoxox 
23 Jul 13 by member: Ruhu
@Colly - yeah, I wondered ... you know how pushy I am and can be... I'd probably get them to throw in the tuition for free with my steam roller ways @Raven - thank you - glad you enjoy it and I never worry about typos else I'd have to fix my own @Maun - it's in the schedule flyer so it must be required but when I told DH of my Dr. Franklin plans he scoffed and said he felt Dr. Jackson would probably be adequate LOL @ Isabel - LOVE that game - used to play it for hours. Cheat to lose? Not me. I have to cheat to win, LOL @Angel - yeah, I was thinking 'how hard would it be to get one.. or better .. fake one... it's not like I'm trying to go to CIA college or something, LOL  
23 Jul 13 by member: FullaBella
Bella... you did make me smile reading your journal today. You would make a great pirate! Avast me matie!!! I can't imagine having to have a meningitis shot either. Ewwwwww! I took an art appreciation class and I really, really enjoyed it! I know just enough to be dangerous. So ye need to cut a wide berth around me, matie... I be very arty now. *wink* 
23 Jul 13 by member: Mom2Boxers
LOL M2B - I'm pushy but pirate? Sounds so exotic, so not me, LOL. I'd be the cook or deck swabber at best.  
23 Jul 13 by member: FullaBella


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