Sandy701's Journal, 11 July 2013

Wow, it's been over a week since I last journaled! I knew it had been some time, but over a week???!!!

It's been a rough period. DH decided to take a real "holiday" from low-carb and had all sorts of goodies in the house. I managed to stay away from everything except the made-from-a-mix Cinnabon-style cinnamon rolls he made up one morning. There are still some remaining in the freezer, but I've stayed away after 1 day of having some. But the rolls led to PB and then peanuts and then TWO Atkins bars in one day. If it weren't so sad, it would be pretty funny how one thing leads to another.

Overall, I'm back where I should be even in the midst of the most depressing weather. The Fourth holiday was a complete washout. Now, we have hot, humid weather with storms threatening every day. This weather really does a number on my psyche, as all I want to do is eat. It takes a major mental effort to stay on's tiring and depressing. I'm almost frantic to find SOMETHING to otherwise engage my mind.

Adding to the mental load were 2 more funerals, after my neighbor's early last month. All very sad. Even though I have great faith, these deaths have brought to mind a lot of thoughts on my own life and mortality.

And then we have today....July 11. One year ago, I hit my goal weight on 7/11. While I maintained that weight for 30 days, as the book advises, I went up into the 5-pound Maintenance window after a vacation. No problem there. But it set me up for taking liberties with more food, bigger portions, etc. I wasn't off-plan so much as I was just eating more than I should and allowing myself too many items higher up on the Carb Ladder. By the time the holidays were through, I was about 15 pounds up from my goal. And, no, I knew it wasn't just temporary water weight.

Since the holidays, I've struggled, trying to push my weight back down to goal - or lower. I feel like I'm pushing an elephant! I haven't been able to make the kind of inroads I've wanted to, but at least I'm within 10 pounds of goal. I believe that I want to live in the 140's, but perhaps I just don't want that enough to do what I need to do??? I don't know.

I certainly have excess fat to lose. I can find it on my body without looking too hard - no problem. But why won't it go away? What have I changed from a year ago that's preventing it from going? Or....has my body/metabolism significantly adjusted to my smaller weight? Again, I don't know.

This has been the story of my first year on Maintenance. It's been quite different than what I expected. But I try to remember that even at 8-10 pounds above goal, I'm STILL very much different than the 235 pounds when I began this journey. Even staying in the 140's and 150's after being 235 (in 2010) is a pretty darn good achievement.

Diet Calendar Entry for 11 July 2013:
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Hugs first off..and I can relate to the weather making you want to is sooo muggy here for July...and it rains every day almost..and I am sure you being more southern than me that it has to be worse...I really think keeping the weight off is sooo much harder than losing it..You have done so well your first year..maybe when the weather changes for the fall we all can get back to business...So many things going on and unexpected events can throw you for a Hang in there girlie ..You can beat this..:O) 
11 Jul 13 by member: BHA
All said & done, my vote is you have done FANTASTIC! I so understand what you are struggling with...that LAST FREAKING 10 Monster sized POUNDS. That said...I say we stick with your last paragraph of thinking. Learning to adjust from how we used to eat & excercise, to figuring out how to stay where we are (within reason of course), is just the most important part of the Phrase...this isn't a diet, but a way of life. (We are so used to kicking ourselves aren't we! ) We will test the limits for sure. The best thing we are struggling with is bringing what we eat back in line with what we know works. Lots of Hugs & cheers for Sandy! 
11 Jul 13 by member: gg-girl
Bren & buddies are just the best! I really needed to hear your comments this AM. They brighten my day even when the skies aren't doing so well on the brightening front - LOL!  
11 Jul 13 by member: Sandy701
Hi Hun, thanks for your support and now its my turn. Congrats on maintaining that awesome weight loss. You absolutely rock although you just don't know it. No wonder you are a bit low what with the weather and the funerals, etc, etc. It doesn't take much for us emotional eaters to want to dive into a box of something sugary! You have done well having those cinabon things in the freezer and NOT eating them. I don't have any answers because as you see from my weight history I am struggling to keep the 50 lb that I lost. Unfortunately it just seems to be the way it is for a lot of us. It's no easier to maintain than to lose, and I had heard that losing the last 10 lb is awful. I am so far from the last 10 lb that I don't have to worry but getting back on track and getting back to losing, well its bloody murder :) Add the stresses of life and we should all be a gazilion pounds!!!! Hope you feel better as day goes on and hope you find somewhere cool and something to take your mind off food. Maybe trolling the forums here will keep you occupied for a few minutes. And I really appreciate you checking out my journal and your support. This site is awesome! 
11 Jul 13 by member: sarahsmum
Issy, you're absolutely right about the site. There is NO WAY I could have lost the weight I did by trying to do it all on my own without the support and encouragement of this site and all my fabulous buddies who take the time to comment on my journal entries. Thanks so much!!! 
11 Jul 13 by member: Sandy701
HI Sandy - you're doing great! I wanted to thank you for the info about Art & Science of Low Carbohydrate Living book - really great reading! It kept me up late last night. As a side note related to maintenance, you might want to check out the Dukan Diet's "Consolidation" phase to give you some ideas that may work for you. I like it because it's controlled eating, but has some celebration meals and more latitude on the food - but there are rules too and lasts 5 days for every pound you lose. So for me, my Consolidation will be almost 10 months long. The idea is that it takes that long to prevent your body from rebounding after stopping the weight loss phase. There are so many low carb solutions, it makes sense to me that I should get inspiration from a few places especially when I have trouble. HTH! Krista 
11 Jul 13 by member: KristaLinn
Glad you liked the book Krista, even with its various typos. (Those smaller publishers really do need better proofreaders than relying on the generic Spell-Check.) As for the Dukan Consolidation, I may check it out. I'm actually looking around for some new ideas that may re-energize me and/or just get things moving along again the way the did before Maintenance. As good as it is, one can only read NANY so many times - LOL!!! 
11 Jul 13 by member: Sandy701
Sandy, just want to add a hug here. It's never easy, but we have support here, good friends who are pulling for us. What joy!!! 
11 Jul 13 by member: Gigi39
Thanks Gigi. So glad to have you back on site again! Hard to fathom that you're facing yet another surgery next month.....must be you've got a crush on the surgeon???!!! LOL! 
12 Jul 13 by member: Sandy701
Sandy, lol, must be that lol, lol.... 
12 Jul 13 by member: Gigi39


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