FullaBella's Journal, 09 July 2013

Crazy busy morning - finally got a break to have some food. Note to self - get more tuna. When too busy to cook or chop a salad tuna is always my quick pick me up when the hands get shaky.

I'm pleased to report my wild child didn't go nuts yesterday despite having to make the Braums trip again. What the heck is going on around here with the ice cream? I'm gonna have to get one of DFW's or Bren's cows for the back yard if this keeps up. Because oh nooo, Bluebell isn't good enough. Darnit. I could walk to the market and get THAT. But it has to be Braums and that's a car trip with traffic... grrrr.

And finally, I found myself stumped at the irony of something this morning. How does one experience gratitude without guilt? How is it possible to recognize what I have without having to acknowledge the absence of that 'thing' for others?

For example - If I meditate that I'm grateful for my home, food on the table, my health as it is and my flabby arms that means someone somewhere is homeless, hungry, sick and armless.

Just sharing. Maybe I just have too much time on my hands or someone needs to pop me on the back of my head.



Its good for us to appreciate what we have..like you said some people don't have near as much as we do..Its probably a good thing you have to go out of your way the get than Braums...LOL..Making your own ice cream is a good idea..as you can make your own flavors and less cals too...they have one shaped like a ball and you roll it around til its done..I should have gotten me one..LOL...:O)  
09 Jul 13 by member: BHA
Oh goodness, now I'm going to have guilty dreams about the armless people in the world tonight - thanks Bella.. ;) But seriously, I get what you mean... I so often see people talking about a natural disaster or something similar and how they managed to get away unharmed while others suffered injuries or worse - and then others say "oh someone must have been watching over you"... Like somehow those other people weren't worthy of being watched over??! I know, it's just something people say when they don't know what else to say, but still... 
09 Jul 13 by member: erika2633
Summer time does bring a desire for something cold & sweet, doesn't it, my friend? And, the frozen grapes, just don't always cut it! I can so relate to the guilt -- we are a guilty bunch, aren't we? But you also carry quite a burden yourself, which you manage selflessly -- don't forget that! Xoxox 
10 Jul 13 by member: Ruhu
believe we should all experience gratitude for what we have been given and rather than feel guilty for those that have been given less we can reach out with what we have to help others when we can. To those that have been given much.. much is expected.. Happy Wednesday Bella!! Don't feel guilty. Rejoice and be happy!! 
10 Jul 13 by member: chattycathy1955
Geez that woudl be tough to have to make ice cream trips and avoid. Can you have just a little bit, or is that a trigger for you? I can't really have a 'little bit' of ice cream, so I totally get it!  
10 Jul 13 by member: Bkeller1023
Hi Bella, I could feel like an awful person because when I do a grateful list on FS I truly have not given a thought to the other side of the coin. What I will say though is that you have worked hard for what you now have. I am sure you have given to charity at some point in your life. So I wouldn't feel guilty for the rewards of your labours. I would feel compassion for the less fortunate and add them in your prayers and send love to the world in your meditation. Women have enough in their lives to worry about, without worrying and feeling guilty over the masses in the world who have so much less than we do. We cannot save the world, darling, much as we may want to.  
10 Jul 13 by member: sarahsmum
I read once that we shouldn't base our gratefulness on others misfortune. Sometimes that is hard to wrap my mind around, but I think I understand what the person was saying. Instead of feeling guilty I try to be compassionate. That works out a lot better :) 
10 Jul 13 by member: just_chillin76
I think we need to see that we could have it worse off in order to feel gratitude for what we have. But if we feel guilt for what we have, maybe we haven't reached true gratitude yet because we haven't truly accepted our blessings. In my own journals lately, I've been talking about how I can't enjoy things or give myself credit because I'm always casting a critical eye on everything. I think it's a symptom we who struggle with our weight seem to share. Maybe the guilt is just your subconscious way of not allowing yourself to feel worthy.  
10 Jul 13 by member: evelyn64
Thank you all for being so kind to stop and comment on my journal and thoughts. I think, beyond the guilt, and yes, you all make good points on how important it is to be grateful, I think I was just pondering or stuck on the whole yen & yang of it. How to recognize the good requires the acknowledgement of the bad. I was trying to remember 'where I was stuck' yesterday and it all began with reading some journals where people were being self critical because they'd compared theirself to others. I had been stumbling around with a 'don't do that' and realized it's impossible NOT TO even on the other side with gratitude. I think it was a 'if the tree falls in the forest does anyone hear it' moment for me. Thanks again. You're all wonderful people and I am blessed and grateful to have your for my friends. And yes, I feel bad for anyone who doesn't have you but I'm not giving any of you up! 
10 Jul 13 by member: FullaBella


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